Summer #BlogChallenge July 18 – 5 Things To Do If The Power Goes Out

This is a great topic!  I hope you will comment with your ideas.  In Minnesota, we have had some bad storms over the last few years and losing power isn’t unheard of.  With just an infant, I wasn’t too concerned, but now I have a toddler who definitely needs to be entertained.  
1.  Flashlight tag with others or with the dog.  Maggie loves to use the flashlight and shine it on the floor to get our female dog to chase it.
2.  Books.  When we end up down in the crawl space, we have ours stash of things to do in a cramped space.  Maggie loves to read, so we always have tons of books to read down there.
3.  Pen and paper / crayons.  Maggie also loves to draw with a pen, so we have to keep those two things in our storm basket as well.
4.  Games on the phone.  Although, this depends on whether we have a severe weather alert and are down in the crawl space.  If we are, I save the battery to check the weather alerts.
5.  In our crawl space, I actually have my stash of old teaching materials from when I taught two year olds.  There is always something fun in there, an activity, song, fingerplay, something fun.
I know there are a ton more ideas, but I am completely drawing a blank on that thing that would make everybody say…aha!  What a great idea.  We definitely need to do that.  
I would love to hear your ideas for what to do when the power goes out.  Most of the things I can think of involve the crawl space since I am terrified of storms and we seem to have a lot of sever weather out here this year.  


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