Summer #BlogChallenge July 28 Last time I roughed it

The last time I actually roughed it would have to be a few years ago when we went to Sturgis.  Usually, I go to the cabin and the cabin is nicer than our house!  We all have our own rooms and lots of luxuries.  
When we went to Sturgis, this is what we packed:
And this is where we slept.  
Smallest tent ever!  Not joking.  You can’t stand up in the tent, but it fits nicely on the front of the motorcycle.  And a funny little story about this spot where we were camping.  This was out in Colorado.  There weren’t a lot of spaces left when we got here, but this was the best one.  A deer walked right next to our tent.  Very cool.  The funny part though….it stormed big time and during the night, the rain flew right threw our tent getting all of our stuff wet.  Not only that, it isn’t a level camp spot, so while we slept, we slid down and would keep waking up to move back up to the top. 


  • I’m laughing about it again. John is packing up the tent on the bike again today to take it out to Sturgis next weekend. Ahhh the memories!

    • So true Katie. The first time John and I went riding with his dad, his dad basically called me an idiot because I had flip flops on. I realized he wasn’t too far off. So, when on the bike, I have my boots. Don’t worry though, I had my flip flops with!

  • I went tent camping with a few lady friends and we had a blast trying to figure out the tent and the cooking thing with out a man. The bad part of roughing it was the weather conditions. We picked a spot that had no airflow and it was a windless night and very hot. We also had lots of noisy college kids at the same time. I would love to do it again, but this time with my hubby. Not sure I am ready to take the kiddos though.

    • Ha! The tent always seems to be the tricky part. We are going camping in September for the first time since having the kids. If John cn go, we may tent it, otherwise we will stay in the camper with the rest of the gang.

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