Summer Fun at Noah’s Ark Waterpark #NoahsArkDells

*Disclosure:  We received complimentary tickets to Noah’s Ark Waterpark.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*


We finally got to go on our first actual family vacation.  We have talked about a vacation plenty, but couldn’t quite decide where we wanted to go.  Noah’s Ark popped up on my radar and I realized that the Wisconsin Dells was the perfect summer getaway for us.  While still far enough that we were actually able to get away from home, but not so far that we had to be gone for a week or so, it was the perfect local destination for our family.  With so many fun activities to do, you won’t need to go anywhere else!

#NoahsArkDellsWe finally rolled into town just before midnight, and suddenly Maggie pipes up from the back seat:  is it time to go to the waterpark?  No sweetie, in the morning.  Well, morning arrived, and she was ready to go!  So on went the swimsuits and off we went.  We looked at the map and talked about where we wanted to play in the water at.  Tadpole Bay was first on the list.  Maggie and Charlie were having a blast playing in the water and checking out the water slides.  With tons of different ways to play, splash and have fun, they were in heaven.  John had us pose for a picture…..he didn’t bother telling us that the big bucket was about to dump water on us.  Ahhh!  Maggie didn’t care for that part, but Charlie sure thought it was funny.

#NoahsArkDellsWe strolled around a little and ended up at the Big Kahuna Kiddie Area.  The kids have fun with the swings in the water, and the horses in the water to ride.  Charlie couldn’t help himself, he just had to stomp on the water shooting up because he thinks it is so funny to do.

#NoahsArkDells#NoahsArkDellsThe kids were obsessed with the tubes, so we all hopped on a double tube in the Endless River and relaxed for awhile.  I use the term relaxed quite loosely.  The kids kept trying to grab the empty tubes that floated by and flip them over onto us.  Entertaining, that is for sure.

#NoahsArkDellsThe entire time, Maggie kept saying how she wanted to go to Octo Explorers so that is where we headed next.  She was so excited, and then so bummed when it turned out to be one of the attractions that were closed for the day.  We didn’t really know what it would be like, but she was sure excited about the name of it.  We got a glimpse of it when we were leaving the park, and then she was even more bummed that we couldn’t play there.


There were a few other things we wanted to hit up that day, but because of my growing baby belly and the kids being ready for nap, we had to call it a day.  I was hoping John would be really excited to take them on the Bumper Boats because that sounded like fun to me, but he passed it up.  There was so much to do for older kids too!  #NoahsArkDells

All in all, we had a blast there playing in the water.  The weather was fantastic, although a bit windy.  With so much water fun to be had, Noah’s Ark is a great place to go, no matter what your age {or your kids’}.  We will have to visit Noah’s Ark in the Wisconsin Dells in the future, especially when I’m not pregnant and I can hit up some of the water slides.

If you are looking for a great, local, family friendly vacation, the Wisconsin Dells is sure to be a hit for the whole family.  Don’t miss out on the fun at Noah’s Ark Waterpark, there really is something for everyone.

Right now, you can pick up one day general admission tickets for $32.99 + tax {online only}, saving $6 off the gate price.  Order your tickets today and start your summer fun!

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    • Haha, it was a blast. They thought they were so cool getting their own chairs to sit in so daddy could take that picture. But to be honest, there are 3 others where only one of the kids is looking. In one, Charlie actually has his foot through the bottom of one of the chairs.

  • School’s out tomorrow and I was just thinking of what to do with my son while he’s home for the summer. I love the idea of a family-friendly water park! I can’t believe you can get season passes at yours – what a great idea!

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