Taking it to the beach {+ Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linky}

I had hoped for tons and tons of beach days for the kids and I this summer, but so far, that hasn’t happened.  We have only had a handful of beach days so far this year, but it sure has been fun!

Taking it to the beach, Our Piece of Earth, Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Maggie has begun to love laying in the water and kicking her legs.  Mostly though, she builds sand castles!  Charlie, however, loves to be in the water every chance he gets.  Just this last weekend while we were fishing, both kids wanted to be held over the boat and kick in the water…..then, Charlie just decided he would try to do it himself….luckily we caught him.


Have you had some beach fun this summer?

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Each week we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This week’s topic is Taking it to the Beach.  Next week we are talking about some recent toddler challenges we are facing.


  • I loved your article on taking it to the beach. We went to the beach with our 5 yr old grandson last night. He is such a beach bum. Loves jumping in the waves and being held in the waves by grandpa.

  • We have not been to the beach this summer. I am hoping that it will be easier next summer, my kids are just so young and my middle guy is a runner, ha ha. We are done with babies and my youngest will be 18 months next summer so here’s hoping!

  • We love going to the beach but unfortunately we weren’t able to go much this year we’ve had so much rain this summer. Maybe next summer will be better

  • We’re going to the beach at the end of this month with our 3.5 year old and 11 month old! Can’t wait!!! SOOOO excited!

  • We’ve only had a few hot days for the beach and/or the pool….not that I’m complaining! I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I enjoy the cooler weather. It’s very different from last summer, though.

  • So much fun for the kids. Nothing like taking them to the water and letting them exhaust themselves. Last time we were at the beach a huge wave came up and hit my two boys and took them down. Thank goodness for the Beco carrier because I had a hand for each of them.

  • My baby will be joining me here in the US of A next week. Last time I saw her, she was just 3 months old and now she’s almost 7 months. I’m excited to bring her to the beach. Any suggestions on must-haves aside from sunscreen? Thanks.

    • A sunhat if she will keep one on. A towel or blanket to sit on and play, as well as some toys to play on. Lots of water {unless she is breastfed}. How exciting for you to be able to see her again. Just for fun, sunglasses? It’s great to protect their little eyes if they will stand it.

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