Thanks to Frecklebox, Maggie is learning to spell her name! #EggsInTheBasket

I have always liked getting personalized gifts.  Especially things that say my name, so I have to assume that my kids will feel the same.  When I stumbled across Frecklebox, I knew I had to check it out.  Everything they sell is designed to be personalized.  

Frecklebox is founded by these two guys, Mark and Scott.  Even before they had little people of their own, they worked together, so when they had kids of their own, Frecklebox was born.  These guys are very serious about engaging those little minds.  Since their previous business was web based digital printing, it only seemed natural to move forward with that.  Plus, these guys are pretty funny – check out their website and you will see why I think so.  Especially their FAQ page.  It makes me giggle!
Their mission:  to educate and entertain.  Frecklebox offers unique, personalized gifts for children, all at affordable prices.
Frecklebox offers a fantastic selection of personalized books, posters, growth charts, journal books, coloring books, stickers, placemats, puzzles and more.  Your kids will love having their own personalized lunch box to show off at school!  

We were given the choice of what we wanted to review, and I tough time deciding what it is I wanted.  But of course, personalized books for kids wins  Books are always winning in our house since they can keep them for a long time.  We chose 2 books; My name is MAGGIE (for Maggie) and What We’ll Do, Just Me and You (for Charlie).  I love how every page has their name on it, and they have a huge selection of books.  These books are much more durable than I thought.  I was expecting a regular paperback book, but these pages are sturdy and durable.  They are thicker than regular paper and glossy.  I especially love the inscription in the front of the books – ore personalization!  And, they are printed on recycled paper AND made in the USA! Two things I love in a product. 

The pages are so vivid and Maggie loves to talk about them.  She will talk about the flowers, the ladybugs, or whatever else is on that page.  She loves to spell her name along with me as we read it and now, she is starting to spell her name on her own.  Pretty awesome I think since she’s only 27 months old! We love our Frecklebox books and know you will too.

Frecklebox has so much to offer for your child.  Plus, ordering is super easy.  
1.  Choose the item you want.
2.  Click on Personalize It
3.  Enter any info asked, name of child, inscription from parents, and some items, like the books allow you to customize the skin tone.

You can even preview each page of the books to see them before hand so you can have a sneak peek.  
Yes, it really is that easy to do!  
Shopping is easy, you can browse by boy or girl, theme, age, occasion, school stuff.  Find what you want fast!  
Head on over to Frecklebox and find personalized gifts for kids that they will love for years!  Or find them on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.
For your chance to win $40 to Frecklebox, head on over and enter the Grand Prize packages for Eggs In The Basket and get a head start on Easter.

What do you think your kids would love from Frecklebox?

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and company and may differ from yours.*


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