The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set Review

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Show of hands – how many of you remember reading the Boxcar Children series as a kid? I know I did! And now – your kids can too, only earlier. When I had the chance to review The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set from Albert Whitman & Company – of course I jumped at it!Boxcar Children Early Reader Set Inside Pages

This four books series contains:

  • The Boxcar Children – the first of many adventures for this young crew as they try to hide from their grandfather, yet still find a home for themselves.
  • Surprise Island – on this adventure, the kids live on an island owned by their family where they discover even more surprises about their family.
  • Mystery Ranch – The children go to their aunt’s house to cheer her up. She’s lonely and not feeling so well because of it. While there, the kids discover something that leads them to the mystery man.
  • The Yellow House Mystery – Embarking on yet another adventure, this time the kids explore a part of Surprise Island they hadn’t yet explored. They head out hiking and canoeing to find where the clue led them and to discover… will have to read it to find out.Boxcar Children Early Reader Set Inside Pages

These early readers are geared for kids ages 5-7 {grades K-2}.  My son is reading them and is in second grade.  He started reading within the last year and these are still challenging to him but he has really enjoyed having more books to read that feel like bigger kid books for him.  The illustrations throughout the book are captivating and he can sit and stare at the pictures trying to take it all in.Boxcar Children Early Reader Set Inside Pages

My son still tends to fight me on sitting down to read.  He would much rather have a sword fight with anybody willing {or unwilling}!  However, when I can give him a reward at the end of a book, that always helps.  We loved that we were able to watch Surprise Island when he finished reading the book.  My daughter loved the stories so much and has read through them all over and over.Boxcar Children Early Reader Set Inside Pages

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