The Henry Diaries: 2 Months

I’m a little late with this one, it’s been pretty crazy with Christmas and stuff, but here we are.


My dear, sweet Henry.  You smile a ton!  It took quite some time to get it on camera, but you are a smile machine.

Henry 2 months

Your head is so strong now and you hold it up pretty well.  You lift it all the way up when you are laying on your tummy.

Henry holding head up 2 months

You are starting to grab at your toys more often now.  Maggie and Charlie think this is hilarious!  You just look surprised when you suddenly have the ring in your hand.

Henry ring

You can roll over from belly to back with no trouble.  You can roll most of the way over from your back to your belly now.  You love to sit in the MamaRoo and stare at the balls on the mobile thing.  You sit there and smile and watch, and quite often, I catch you laughing at it.  It’s so sweet and adorable to watch.

Henry MamaRoo Mobile

On the flip side of that, even though you like your space, you love your big sister and brother.  You love when they talk to you, as long as they don’t smother you.  You give them smiles and talk a lot.  You are really making lots of sounds.  Your voice is such a beautiful thing.  You get this giggle like squeal thing going pretty often now too.


You are one amazing little man and I’m excited I get to watch as you grow and learn.  I love you so much my handsome little man.


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