The Henry Diaries: 5 Months

Well, I realize that you are now 5 1/2 months old.  Will you quit growing so quickly?!  Please!!!  If you can’t tell from the pictures, you have the cutest little mohawk ever.  This last month you have really started rolling around.  I lay you down and the next thing I know you are clear across the room.

Henry 5 months

You think Charlie and Maggie are hilarious.  They will do silly stuff around you and you laugh hysterically.  I love all of the giggles from it.  You really love when Maggie sings to you.


You chew on your toys non-stop.  Or my fingers.  Or my face, especially my chin.  You love to chew on my chin.  You also like to chew on carrot sticks, celery, green peppers, you aren’t picky at all.

Henry carrot stick

You use the potty a lot.  You whimper to let me know you have to go.  If I don’t take you quick enough, then you get really mad about having to sit in a wet diaper.


You are such a wonderful, perfect, adorable little man and I’m so glad you are in my life.  I love you.


    • Thanks! Yes. We just saw the kids’ grandparents for the first time in 4 months. Boy has he changed since they last saw him!

  • I never knew how quickly time flies until I had my little one, she’s 10 weeks and I’m already having to put her 0 to 3 month clothes away because she’s getting so big!

  • Awe! He’s a cutie!! My now 16 month old thought his brother and sister were hysterical at that age too!!! I love 5-7 months, their personality really comes out to shine!

  • It is crazy how quickly they grow. Still surprised at how much my unborn baby has grown so far. Can only imagine how quickly he will grow after he is born. By the way love how your little man loves his veggies.

    • Aww, thanks! He loves anything he can shove in his face, although he recently had avocado and banana and was quite happy about it, yet more excited to get to sit at the table.

  • What a little cutie-pie! It’s crazy how much they grow and change in such a short time! I am due with my baby boy in about two weeks!

  • Oh my he’s just too cute!! My son always hated a wet diaper too!! I wish he was that way now!! He’s 2 and now he hates to be changed lol… Im chasing him all over the place trying to get him dry!! Sassy pants!

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