The Henry Diaries : 6 Months – Already?!

You have been in my arms for 6 months now, 6 months already, I just cannot believe it.  But you have been in my heart so much longer than that.  I love that while you like to crawl around or sit and play, you really love to be cuddled up in the carrier with mommy so I get tons of snuggles from you.

Henry babywearingAt about 5 1/2 months, you started army crawling.  You can get all over that way and man, you are getting fast!  Charlie was getting a little irritated with you because you kept pulling yourself over and taking his toys away.  He had to keep moving away from you.  You are starting to push way up with your arms.

Henry pushing upYou are THE MOST SMILEY guy ever!  Every single person that sees you says how smiley you are and how you are always happy.  They are right.  You are generally a very happy little guy.  You smile and laugh at just about everything.  I am so very blessed to have you in my life little man.  You bring a smile to my face every minute of every day.  I love you so much.

Henry and Maggie

I have offered you food a few times.  Most of the time, you don’t care at all, you are just happy to be sitting at the table by us.

Henry eating

You think that it is pretty cool to sit up during bath time now.  You love to splash your hands and feet in the water.


You got to meet {Auntie} Katie from Ohio while we were at the cabin.

Henry and Ohio Katie

You think that guy staring back at you in the mirror is the coolest person!  Our house has lots of mirrors, so that works out pretty good for you.

Henry in mirror

You sit up like a pro now.  You still fall down, but you are a pretty good sitter upper.


My sweet, sweet little baby.  My heart swells with love for you every single day.  I adore your sweet, easy going, good sense of humor personality.  I love seeing the person you are and the love you have for Maggie and Charlie.  When you reach those teeny little arms out to me and wrap them around my neck, there is nothing in the world that means that much to me.  I just love you.  A lot.  A whole lot.  I am so glad you are you.

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  • oh me oh my how adorable!!! so huggy wuggy and so much fun! I got lots of smiles from this wonderful post!

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