Time to start potty training?

I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to start potty training Maggie.  I know she’s still pretty young, so I won’t push it.  She just turned 18 months, but she LOVES to sit on the potty.  I wish I had some pictures of the cuteness of this to share with you.

Since I am pregnant, I go to the bathroom all the time.  She sits on her potty chair.  She tries to be just like daddy so she grabs reading material (gross mental picture, I know), but she grabs his fishing and outdoor life magazine, sits on her potty and makes animal sounds or talks about the animals in the magazines.  It is super adorable.  The first time she did this, I cracked up laughing.  I was going potty, she sat down, got back up, opened the cabinet, grabbed the magazine and sat on the potty and read.  It was adorable! 

Since she loves sitting on the potty, I believe she is ready.  I let her have lots of naked time before bed anyways, and if she pees, she freaks out about the pee running down her legs.  I take this as a good thing also. 

A week or two ago, I changed her, put on her diaper and off she went.  About 10 feet, stops and poops….but as she is pooping, she starts whining…mama…mama.  I know what is happening, she is standing still with her legs apart and her little toosh stuck out just a bit, she didn’t like it but couldn’t stop it either.  Another sign I think.

Last night after dinner, I was cleaning up the dishes and hear her in the bathroom.  Maggie, come out of there, don’t play in the toilet.  She walks out of the bathroom as I am walking to get her…..carrying her potty seat that goes on the big toilet, the one she prefers to sit on now.  Sets it down and tries to take off her diaper.  Okay, I don’t need any more signs, I can see that it is time to potty train her.  Now we just have running around to do all day tomorrow and Saturday, but after that, we are getting serious!  I am so excited for her.  She’s getting to be such a big girl.

Now, it’s not like I have no experience potty training.  In fact, I am downright awesome at it…or at least I was in the past.  I use to teach in the 2 year old room at an early childhood center.  This place was so awesome, and our bathroom in our classroom was set up for success.  Between the 3 of us that worked in that room, we pretty much had every child potty trained before they left our room.  I know the first thing we did that led to success was taking them to the bathroom every hour.  I know it’s a bit easier in a center where they see all of their friends going to the bathroom, but we shall see how this goes.  Now…maybe I can review some products designed for potty training….hmmmm.  We shall see.

I would love to hear from you, your struggles, successes, tips, anything you want to share.  Wish us luck!


  • My daughter is 16 months and is showing signs that she’s getting ready (not quite there yet). She brings us her diapers and/or wipes when she wants her bum changed, so she knows she’s gone.

    One perk of you being pregnant and having to pee every other second is everytime you she can try too.

    We did the diaper free system: bare from the waist down until our son figured out when to sit on the potty. Once he got that we did just pants (easier to pull down when they gotta go) for 3 days. Then we did underwear during the day (unless we were out for a long period of time) and a pull up at bedtime.

  • I think that boys tend to potty train a little later. I decided to just let me my little guy show me when he was ready. We started right after his 3rd birthday and just put him in underwear. He had 3 accidents within the first week and has not had one since and was overnight trained in a month from starting. I liked just waiting. I didn’t have to put him on the potty constantly and I didn’t have to clean up messes all the time. After the first day he said mommy I don’t need you to tell me to try and he didn’t! He just went in and does his thing. It was wonderful!!

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