Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Review

Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Review

We received two fantastic toys from Tiny Love.  Read the review for the Follow Me Fred here.  

I know I am sort of a stay at home mom.  Although, we are always going here or there, whether it is for my work, visiting, or something else.  It seems we are always on the go, so having the Sunny Stroll was
great!  It really comes in handy when we are just taking a quick trip into some place and I don’t want Charlie to get crabby; I just clip it onto the carseat and he stays entertained while he waits.  We probably use this the most when it is clipped to the high chair.  It has allowed me to cook dinner while he sits entertained.  I love the versatility of being able to clip it and reshape it to work wherever we need it. With 3 different toys, each with a toy dangling from it, baby will be stimulated.

The first toy is a butterfly with a rattle in the center, and a small detachable butterly hanging on it.
The middle toy is a sun with crinkly paper and a mirror flower hanging from it.
The last toy is like a pinwheel with a jingle ball attached.  When baby pulls on the ball and lets go, the wheel spins.  I love it when he does this, his eyes get all big as he watches it spin.  I was a bit worried at first that his fingers would get caught in it, but it spins quickly and stops immediately if something touches it so I have no worries. The cord is wound inside of it, so Charlie can’t catch his fingers – a great safety feature! 
                           2 of the toys even detach for baby to play with. 

I love the bright, exciting colors on the Sunny Stroll. There are 2 “joints” on each side to allow for greater adjustability based on how baby is seated, how big baby is, baby’s reach, etc.  One moves it forward or backwards, the other moves it wider or higher.  Plus, the “joints” allow Stroll Along to fold up more compactly so it is easy to take along. 

Sunny Stroll makes a great on the go toy to keep baby busy.  Buy it now and have it in time for Christmas!  Or visit Tiny Love and check out the other on the go toys to make holiday travel a little easier. 

Would your little one get a lot of use out of the Sunny Stroll?  Where would you use it?

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and influenced only by my experience with the product and company.*


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