Tips for an eco friendly home this spring

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Living an eco friendly lifestyle is definitely not an all or nothing change.  It is a commitment to living a different lifestyle, and can be done making small changes, one at a time.  Once you start making some green changes, you will likely find yourself looking for more ways to live eco friendly.  We have used a water cooler instead of water bottles for so many years. Mostly, I had gotten sick of having a million water bottles to throw away all of the time.  I never even thought of it as an eco friendly change at the time.  Since then, so much more has changed for us, and it has been {mostly} easy.

Green Your Home

Here are some tips for an eco friendly home that can simplify your life.

Use reusable grocery bags.  Best thing ever!  I hate going grocery shopping and coming home with about 30 bags because they hardly hold anything.  Our reusable bags hold so much more and are so much easier to carry into the house.  What fits in those 30 bags, we can fit into 5 or 6 bags.  That means way less trips into the house.

Reuse those plastic bags that you inevitably end up with.  We do forget our bags on occasion, but they come in handy sometimes.  We have a huge garage sale every year, so we need bags to fill with the goodies people buy from us.

Grow some indoor plants.  They will give you clean, fresh air.  We have an Aloe plant that keeps reproducing, so now we have about 10 of them.  We also have a few other plants that are growing so big!

Green your home

Plant a garden.  We are going to attempt this one this year.  Wish us luck, I really hope our vegetables grow.  If this isn’t an option for you, or not something you are interested in, get your produce at the farmer’s market when available.  Not only does it taste better, but it is locally grown, very fresh and no waste.

Open your windows instead of using the air conditioner when possible.  Let that fresh air inside.  It may not be quite as cool, but the fresh air feels so wonderful and lets those bad germs out of the house.

Change your air filter regularly.  This is a biggie for us, and we can tell when we have forgotten to.  Our furnace runs terribly when it’s an old filter in it.

Hang dry your laundry.  I definitely don’t hand dry everything, but I do try to hang dry quite a bit of stuff.  It only takes a few minutes and it smells so nice!

Use cloth diapers.  Okay, so this won’t apply if you don’t need diapers for your kids, but if you do, this will save you tons of money.  We have spent the last few winters very broke due to John being laid off from work and I can’t imagine what we would have done if we had to keep buying diapers.  You can save even more by line drying them.

Green Your Home

Make your own cleaners.  I love selling Young Living oils and love that I can make my own, effective, chemical free cleaners using my oils.

Open the curtains.  I open mine during the day so I don’t need to turn on the lights, but during those really hot summer months when the sun is just beating in the house, I close the curtains on the side of the house that the sun is beating in.  I still get plenty of light, but not as much heat coming into the house.

Use cloth napkins.  We use oversized wash cloths as napkins.  They are absorbent and the perfect size for the kids who seem to make it a challenge to see who will spill what during mealtime.  I remember, last year, Maggie spilled something and her grandma was here.  Grandma said, “Do you need a paper towel?”  Maggie had no clue what she was talking about because we use wash cloths for everything.

Green Your Home

Get a smart thermostat.  We do not have one, but I can see it being a great addition to our home.  It will offer you climate control, both at home and away.  Direct Energy offers the Meridian Savings Plan, a competitively priced, fixed energy charge, up to 3 FREE Honeywell Smart Thermostats, plus a smartphone app allowing you to control your thermostat anytime, and anywhere.

These are just some of the many, many ways you can turn your home into a more eco friendly environment.  What do you do in the springtime to be more eco friendly?

*Disclosure:  This post sponsored by Direct Energy.*


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