Today is our due date! Is this our last pregnancy update?

Wow!  The day is finally here….our due date.  I’m thinking it doesn’t mean a whole lot.  Maggie was 4 days past her due date.  I really thought we would have this baby early because it’s felt like baby was just going to fall out for over a month now.  Oh well.  When baby is ready, baby is ready.  
I have been having contractions for 2 weeks now, but not super strong contractions.  On Saturday, I was sure it was time.  I had contractions practically nonstop for about 6 hours, but not super strong ones.  They were accompanied by low back pain every time, so we are getting somewhere.  I hear that’s very common with baby #2.  I was miserable for those hours.  I could hardly move my back was hurting so much.  Okay, it wasn’t the worst pain ever…nowhere near the awfulness of back labor, but it still hurt!  
Last night I was having contractions again quite a bit and these were accompanied by strong pelvic pressure but not even to warrant a trip to the hospital.  I called Labor and Delivery hoping they would have me come in and check my cervix so I would know where we were at, but no luck there.  Weird, right?  But….John was planning to keep working until I called him to come home.  I really didn’t want him to leave last night because I’m sure it will be in the next few days when baby makes an appearance, but I was okay if he chose to go.  He decided to stay though and I am so glad!!!!  I was having a hard time toward Maggie’s bedtime to move I would be in so much pain.  I really hope that baby shows up soon or I will feel dumb for having him stay when he is planning to take the week off after baby arrives.  We have saved up some money for this, but it would be nice if we didn’t have to use all of it!  Oh well, whatever makes things easiest for me right now I am all for!   
The worst part for me is the numbness in my arms.  Both of them….all the time.  If I lift my hands above my waste for even a few minutes I can’t feel my fingertips.  I had this happen with Maggie, but not until after I delivered her.   It lasted for months!  Right now, I can’t feel my left fingers they are all numb.  This is interfering with my sleep and everything else!  
I’m super excited for baby though!  This morning, John put his hand on my belly to say good morning to baby and Maggie yelled at him and pushed his hand away so she could put her hand on my belly.  She loves baby so much.  I am really excited to meet this baby, but I may be even more excited for Maggie and baby to meet!  
*Funny comments people made recently*  Lady at Walmart yesterday……Holy Crap!!!! Is there only one in there!  
When people say things like that and then ask when I’m due, I kind of want to tell them not for another month just to have some fun with it 🙂
So…if suddenly I’m not posting…that means baby has arrived!  I can’t wait!  
Last chance to make your guesses!  Boy or girl?  What day will baby choose for a birth date?


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