Toddle Along Tuesdays – Please Be Like Me!

Do you ever watch your family dynamic and think hmmmm…I really hope our children have that trait, or I really hope that our children don’t have that trait?  We want our daughter to get the best from both of us, and leave the rest out of it!  These are some things that we watch with our daughter and really hope to see (or don’t see) as she grows. 

Love  This is one thing we see in her already.  Love for her doggy especially, but they are friends and she hugs that dog more than she hugs us during the day! 

A Calm Mind I don’t really know how else to describe this.  Her dad worries nonstop and stresses out about every single thing that happens, and even about things that don’t happen.  Some days, this consumes him and he’s so grumpy that he can’t be happy about anything.  I however, tend to look at things and see what we have and be grateful for them.  I know there are things to stress about, especially  things like money, but, I tend to worry only about the things I have control over.  What happens when she is a teenager isn’t something I can control right now.  Life seems easier and more peaceful when you have a calm mind and focus on the positive.

Patience  Right now, she seems to be pretty patient with her toys when she is struggling to figure something out, and I hope that she doesn’t outgrow that.  It is a great trait to have! 

The Ability To Stand Up For Herself  Lately I have watched some things going on in her dads life and I feel like he is totally being taken advantage of.  It is hard to watch because there is nothing I can do about it because he gets upset if I mention it.  Which leads me to the next thing.

The Ability To Communicate  Her dad and I both love to talk, but when we question each other, it doesn’t always turn out well, even if just questioning to clarify something.  He tends to get defensive and want to argue.  I hope that she doesn’t do this.  That she learns to listen to what people are saying.

Sociable  This is one trait that she can get from either of us!  We both love to be out with people, probably a trait from coming from large families.  You can already see this in her and it’s amazing! 

Hard Working  This is one thing I hope that she gets from her daddy (not that I’m not).  He is one of the hardest working people I know!  He does his best at everything and doesn’t try to cut corners just to get done faster. 

Sleep  I really hope she learns this from her dad!  I have never been a good sleeper in my life, I’m always afraid I will miss something.  She is like that right now too, but I’m hoping that changes to where she can sleep anywhere! 

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She is already a remarkable little girl and I am so excited to see her grow up!  What traits do you want to see or not see in your children?  Link up and share!


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