Toddler Babywearing Tips {+ Action Baby Carrier Review}

Baby wearing is amazing, you snuggle that teeny little baby, and everybody is snug and happy.  Then, one day you realize that that teeny baby is a big, wriggly toddler.  A toddler that wants to run, jump, play, and at times, maybe even kick you.  I sat for two days trying to figure out how to approach this post and I couldn’t come up with anything.  Then, this happened:


I had to go grocery shopping, it had been almost two weeks and we were eating like crap because we didn’t have much for food around.  Charlie only napped 30 minutes today.  I thought I planned so well, considering.  I stopped, got us Subway, went to Walmart.  Worst grocery trip ever!!!  2 1/2 hours later, and the absolute only thing that kept me from really losing my mind with Charlie was babywearing.


I thought, after today, I want to share a few tips to make your outing with your toddler a little more enjoyable.

Action Baby Carriers, Toddler Canyon Print

Stay hydrated.  You are carrying a bigger kid in there, your body will be working harder, and you will likely be thirsty.  Be sure you and your toddler are both well hydrated.


Listen to your toddler.  Mostly, this is just something I really enjoy about wearing my kids.  Maggie is hilarious to talk to, and she will point out so many things that we see.  It’s fun to see things from the same perspective and hear how she interprets things, or what she is excited about.  Charlie is just as much fun because I can see what he is pointing at and {trying to} talk about.  It provides wonderful one on one time for us.


Wear lightweight clothing.  I am always warm anyways, but adding another little body to my back keeps me warmer still.  I like to wear layers, take off the sweatshirt while I’m wearing my kids, then put it on when I’m done.  Let’s face it, your body temp changes a ton when you suddenly don’t have a 20 pounder on you.


Make it your style.  Okay, so you don’t have to do this, but I really love some of the prints Action Baby Carriers has.  I fell in love with the Canyon print right away, it’s gorgeous, and I can use it with a boy or a girl.  Not to mention, the different hues of blues and browns that make it look earthy, which is very “me”.


Be comfortable and have the right carrier.  Your toddler isn’t the same as a newborn.  Be sure your carrier is designed for your child’s size.  Action Baby Carriers give you the option to purchase the toddler carrier that is designed to be higher and wider to fit  larger children.  We received the toddler Canyon carrier {for review} and it is designed for 15-45 pound kids.  I’m pretty sure that Maggie will graduate high school before she hits the 45 pound mark!  The toddler carrier is 3″ taller in the back, and 19″ across the seat to provide maximum comfort and safety for your toddler.  The seat of the carrier will reach out to their knees to keep them comfortable longer.  Because the toddler carrier is used more for a back carry, as opposed to a front carry, the shoulder webbing is narrower for a tighter, more comfortable fit.

Action Baby Carriers, Canyon Print

The hood on the carrier is longer than on the original Action Baby Carriers so that it fits over your tall toddlers head.  I love that it has such a pretty look to it, whether the hood is up or down.

Action Baby Carriers, Toddler Carrier

Action Baby Carriers are able to be adjusted to fit your size, whether you are a 7 year old, or a 6 foot guy.  Adjust the carrier to fit you by loosening or tightening the straps under the arms, around the waist, and the chest strap.  The chest strap can be adjusted for whatever width you need, as well as up or down to allow you and your toddler to be comfy.

Action Baby Carriers, baby wearing

The 4″ waistband sits comfortably, while adjusting from 28″ to 53″  Because the padding reaches around 27.5″, it doesn’t feel like a strap is rubbing around your waist.  The waist buckle is very large, and secure to ensure your child is safe.  The webbing is one piece sewn throughout the entire carrier because safety is #1.  And, an added bonus, Action Baby Carriers are made in the USA!

Action Baby Carriers measurements

There is so much I love about wearing Maggie and Charlie and it has made my life a million times easier when we have things to get done.   Charlie loves to run off, but I can generally keep him happy, and contained so he doesn’t dump over the display at the store {this happened} or worse yet, run away where I can’t see him.  He’s close and safe.


Happy toddler-wearing!


What is your favorite thing about wearing your toddler?  What tips do you have?  What Action Baby Carriers print do you love the most?


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*I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and company.*







  • I love the canyon carrier. Babywearing is an awesome way to bond, and help my baby feel safe while still being able to get things done!

  • I used to carry my toddler quite a bit! She really loved being in the carrier because she could get a better view of what was going on around her :). Plus the extra snuggles were good too!

  • I use a woven wrap to back carry my toddler for hours and it’s the best thing ever. I can ever get my 11 year old brother on my back with a woven, though it isn’t exactly comfortable! Ive heard good things about the ABC if you like SSCs, though.

  • I think the palmer classic print is adorable. Although we have a four year old I don’t think I was really introduced into the babywearing world until he was about three.
    My new baby that is due Nov. 6th will be worn a lot! I bought my first carrier. Well actually its a Moby Wrap and we couldn’t be more excited. My mom even said she can’t wait to carry baby everywhere!

  • i always listen to my son because he usually wants down. but i usually carry him now to try and get him to sleep. but i still gets lots of kisses. thanks for the tip on wearing light clothing. i’m always sweating when i take him off.

  • I love the canyon print. baby wearing has been so nice for being able to do things with two hands and keeping my LO close at the same time. its been a life saver

  • my favorite is the Ellle toddler. I just got a babyhawk oh snap and although I really like it for back carries it doesn’t work very well for front carries so I still don’t have a carrier that is good for nursing my 16 month old in. 🙁 I wonder if action would work better for nursing a toddler.

  • I like the Woodward toddler carrier. I baby carry quite a bit. It’s great when going to the store and the little one needs to nap, but I also do it around the house since my son isn’t the best napper.

  • Camper is my favorite print! I love babywearing because I can go for really long walks without having to worry about my daughter getting too tired to keep up with me and destroy my arms trying to carry her the rest of the way! Plus I’m planning baby number two!

  • I really like the size difference of the toddler carrier! ive got a big baby and hes outgrown the ergo at 18 months! i’ll have to check this out!

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