Toddler Friendly Chores + {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales link-up}

Teaching children responsibility starts at any age.  As soon as our kids are able to help, we start giving them ways to help.  Making it fun just makes it easier.  Here are some toddler friendly chores that will have your little ones pitching in.
Toddler Friendly Chores
Putting dishes in the sink – After each meal, the kids both either set their plates down for the dogs, or scrape them in the garbage and then put them in the sink.  They need a little help with this because Charlie has a tendency to just throw the plate in the garbage.
Toddler Friendly Chores
Put their dishes away when they are clean – this may not work for everybody, but we have a cupboard that is under the counter where the kids’ dishes are.  When I empty the dishwasher, they put their own dishes away.  In case you are wondering, yes, they also empty the dishes on a regular basis and I often have to rewash dishes, but they are still learning and helping.
Toddler Friendly Chores
Pick up their toys – Bins and baskets are lifesavers here.   Kids like to play, so if you make it a game, even the really young toddlers will help clean up toys.  We pick up one thing at a time, blocks, then the doctor kit, etc..  Then they see where each thing goes.
Feed the dogs – Maggie loves to help feed the dogs and often times reminds me that they haven’t been fed.  With a cup to scoop the food into their dishes, she is able to feed them easily.  Now that she can open the door – she even lets them out in the morning and lets them in when they scratch at the door.
Put dirty laundry in the hamper – makes sense, right?  Charlie loves when I give him clothes to put in the laundry room.
Make their own beds.
Put their clothes away.  This is one we really don’t do very often.  When they do help me with this, they generally decide to change their clothes a dozen times!
What other chores did I miss?  What do your toddlers do to help out around the house?
Tuesday's Toddler Tales
Each week we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This weeks topic is Toddler Chores.  Next week we are talking about Toddler Games / Games for Toddlers.

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