Toddler Tales Tuesday – Sneaky Foods

Welcome to Toddler Tales Tuesday hosted by myself and Karine from SAHM of Drama Queens and a Prince.  Each week, we will link up our posts and hope you will join us.



 Each week we will have a different theme, and this week, our topic is Sneaky Foods.  How we sneak things into our kids’ meals.
At our house, I kind of think this is more for myself than my kids.  I don’t like a lot of foods, so whenever I can sneak in some veggies, especially carrots, I’m happy.
One of my favorite meals is a really easy one.  I will even share the recipe.
Chicken Noodle Bake
Cook 1 bag of wide egg noodles as package says.  Drain.  Works best if these are cooked the night before.

{2-3 raw carrots grated
{1-2 ribs celery diced                                    }  Cook in 2/3 cup margarine or butter until soft.  Do not drain
{1/4-1/3 onion diced
{1 can chicken cut up or break apart

In casserole dish combine noodles, veggies and chicken, 1-2 cans cream of chicken soup, 1-2 cans chicken noodle soup, (don’t add water) and chicken broth as needed.  Add salt and pepper if you want.  Mix this all together and bake.  I honestly can’t remember what temperature I cook it at, I’m pretty sure it’s different every time.  Just cook until it’s hot throughout and has soaked up the soup.  About 15 minutes before you are ready to eat, add crushed up potato chips.  If necessary, add more chicken broth.

I promise, it’s really yummy!

Are you ready to link up your sneaky food or tips to get your little one to eat healthier?   Just be sure to link up a relevant post, not your homepage.

Have an idea for Toddler Tales Tuesdays?  Leave a comment and we will do our best to include it.

*Next weeks topic – Your child’s favorite book*



    • That’s great! My daughter does pretty good. We are around lots of people all the time, so she sees and tries new foods alot, thank goodness because I am insanely picky! Glad you linked up!

  • I have to be sneaky with beans and lentils. My toddler is willing to eat them sometimes, but certainly not if there is a food she likes better! For example, I fed her a few bites of sloppy joes directly into the mouth while only showing her the bread side (not the lentils hidden inside)!

  • I always have to try and sneak things in to their meals so that they get some veggies. This is a recipe that looks really easy and good. I think they would actually eat it!

  • LOL I think most children would rather eat all the good stuff so yes I have had to do this to my children and now to my grandbabies LOOL they just don’t know it heheh thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  • My family loves chili but always pick out the beans. So now I mash up the beans and leave a couple whole. They are asking me why the chili tastes so much better. LOL!

  • I try to be sneaky with Broccoli I put it in the mac n cheese, they hardly even know! I am just worried that when they go to a friends house and complains that “Not how my mom makes it.”

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