Best Gift Ideas for Seven-Year-Old Boys

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While I believe most gifts work equally as well for boys or girls, this post is geared specifically to seven-year-old boys. You see, my son is THE hardest kid to find gifts for. He has never played with toys much, but give him something he can build or tear apart and he is happy. He has recently joined the world of video games {I wish I could have avoided that}. Those types of things are expensive though and I don’t want another reason for him to think he should stare at a screen. Lucky me, between Christmas and random stuff this past year, I’ve managed to find some things that were a total hit with him and I am excited to share them with you.

Walkie-Talkies. These ones are AMAZING!!! He got them for Christmas and it was his favorite gift and the one that still goes everywhere with us. The kids go up and down the street with them and can stay in touch. There is a flashlight on them, many other features and rechargeable batteries – yay! All of the kids love these and will talk to each other from different houses on the street, it’s so fun for them.

Nerf Targets. Okay, I’m totally operating on the assumption that you already have nerf guns and something besides an eye to shoot them at would great, am I right? It’s been non-stop fun here with the target.

Minecraft books. Okay, so not a toy but books are great gifts and I add them into everything. Stocking stuffer – yep. Easter basket – yep. Birthday gift, Christmas gift – yep. My kids are given books every chance I get. I came across this one and thought he would like it. I wasn’t sure because he doesn’t really want to sit and read very often. He was so happy to get this in his Easter basket!

Laser Tag. He got a set of these for Christmas and he loves them. I wish I had gotten a set for four kids so he could play with more of the kids but it’s fun to watch them go all ninja-style outside trying to escape being shot with the laser gun.

Speaking of ninjas – how about a Ninja Course? I can’t get one where we are living at the moment, there just really isn’t room for it, but I know this would be a hit!

Hammer, nails and safety equipment. My son has had all of these things since he was four-years-old. Over the last year, he received my old, fairly weak power drill. He loves to build and often builds with the neighbor boy and it’s important to me that these things are done safely so safety glasses, gloves and supervision are my must haves. There are tons of fun ideas on Pinterest to do with hammer and nails.

Lego sets!  I don’t think it matters how old you are, these are always a hit, right?!  


What are your seven-year-old boys favorite gifts?  {and seriously – some ideas for eight-year-old boys since I have a month to come up with an idea…}

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