Top Gift Ideas for Five-Year-Old Boys

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Let’s face it, this list could also say five-year-old girls, but the reality is, sometimes, people are searching for that perfect gift for a five-year-old boy so here we are.  You can click on the links to each item or click on the picture at the bottom.

Top gift ideas for five-year-old boys


I’m starting with a no-brainer, right?!  There’s a chance that I may like Legos as much as my kids do.  It provides tons of one-on-one time for us to work on something together and laugh and have fun while we do it.  My kids ask for them as rewards for lots of things.  My five-year-old really loves the Lego Creator sets because he can build multiple things.  Choosing what to build first is his favorite part.


Hot Wheels Gift Pack or Tracks

Cars.  Need I say more?  There are so many fun Hot Wheels tracks and cars that the fun never ends.



These are so much fun and I’m willing to bet that your five-year-old will love this as a gift.  My son brings his walkie-talkies with when we leave the house.  He likes to talk on them to anyone, whether they actually have the other one or not.


Pogo Stick

Is that five-year-old rambunctious, energetic and full of fun?  How about a pogo stick to get that energy out?!


Grow -n- Glow Terranium

So many toys, is that what you think after Christmas?  I love things like this that aren’t toys but something that gives them the chance to learn and have fun for more than a day.


Remote Control Building Kit

I hadn’t seen these before but I know my five-year-old would be so excited to get one of these!  Build your own vehicle and then control it by remote, how fun!!!



My kids have so much fun looking through things to see more about whatever it is inside.  Whether it’s a bug jar that has a magnifying glass on top or a microscope, they discover the coolest things.



What kid doesn’t love a remote control robot?  Charlie has a Batman one but he loves all of them.


Art Set

Not all gifts need to be toys.  My son got his own Star Wars art set for his birthday.  He uses it every single day and you know what?  It’s taught him responsibility.  He takes great care of all of his stuff in his art set.  He puts them back after he uses each one, it’s so unlike how he treats other things.



We have so much fun with these.  The sets are so colorful and fun to build with.  And – there are tons of sets to choose from.

Bike Lights

I’m pretty sure these would be a huge hit with my son.  He’d probably want to go outside every time it gets dark just to ride his bike.

What are your go-to gift ideas for five-year-old boys?

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