Top Winter Babywearing Gear

Having a baby in the fall means you will have a little baby through the winter.  Duh, right?  If this is your first baby and you have the option to just stay inside, that works great for your little one, but if it’s not your first one, you are probably going to have to go outside, and likely to have baby with you.  Being sure you are keeping your little one warm enough without getting overheated can be tricky.  Believe it or not, there is some great winter baby wearing gear to help keep you and baby warm and happy.

Top Winter Babywearing gear

Since Henry is my 3rd baby, I wanted to plan ahead.  I knew we would be outside quite often, and he was probably going to be out there with us.  I did some thinking and researching to be sure we had the right gear to safely and warmly baby wear our way through winter.  Here is some of the top baby wearing gear I have found.


Baby Leggings

RawrgyleSRegardless of the type of carrier you are using, those little legs are most likely going to be peeking out.  Making sure their skin isn’t showing and getting cold is so important.  That’s why I love {affiliate links included}  baby leggings.  They not only add an extra layer of warmth to baby, but they keep that space between the top of the socks and wherever the pant legs may ride up to covered.

The Right Carrier

thumbnail.asp-2What carrier is right for you during the winter months may depend on a few factors.  Your body size, age / weight of baby, bulk of your coat, etc..  We go back and forth between our ring sling, Hugabub wrap, woven wrap, and our soft structured carriers {Boba and Lillebaby}.  I love them all and for different reasons.  When Henry was born, I mainly used our ring sling.  Now he is a little bigger, so it depends on the day.  I love using wraps during the winter because they add an extra few layers of warmth.  I also love our Boba and Lillebaby because the material itself adds extra warmth, as well as the ease of attaching things to it for extra warmth.

Hat and Mittens

Even though you and baby are snuggled in together for added warmth, their little body may still get cold.  Having a good fitting hat and some little mittens will help protect their feet.  Plus, they are super cute accessories.


Snowsuit or Jacket

You know best the weather in your area.  Here in Minnesota, we have a nice, long stretch of cold months where we need a snowsuit when we head out.  I recommend finding a nice, thin snowsuit or jacket to help you both stay comfortable.  I also love snowsuits because newborn babies don’t need shoes or boots, so the snowsuits with feet help keep their feet warm.

A Cover of Some Sort

winter babywearing gearThere are plenty of brands and WAHM’s out there to choose from.  We have tried a few, and found the easiest, most effective cover was the RoSK pouch.  I was really excited to find out I was getting a complimentary pouch for review!  I figured I would just zip my coat around the baby, but my coat is not quite big enough anymore to wrap us both up.  I love the RoSK pouch because it is so simple!  2 quick ties, one on each side.  Just tie it up on the shoulder of your carrier and you are set!  I was even able to use it with the ring sling.  I just tied it to the strings on my jacket instead of to the carrier.  The pouch is made from 2 layers.  The outer layer is a weather proof nylon that blocks the wind and protects against snow or rain, and the inner layer is soft and snuggling plus faux fur liner.  SOFT!  Like, really soft and I want to sleep on it soft.  Plus, the pouch has a kangaroo style pouch in the front where you can store your keys or phone or wallet.  I keep my mitten covered hands in there and love being able to pay or rub Henry’s back while keeping my hands warm.  I can also leave my mittens in there and slip my hands in and out to help the other kids.

winter babywearing gearwinter babywearing gearI love that the pouch fits snug up around baby, while also being adjustable to fit bigger or smaller carriers.  Not only that, but you can fit it over a carseat or stroller for added warmth in the outdoors.  I love this because the cover we used on our old carseat doesn’t fit on our Combi because of the rebound bar.  The pouch fits great and helps to keep Henry warm while traveling in and out of the vehicle.  It makes a great blanket in a pinch too!

Having 3 young kids, I’m pretty sure I would die without baby wearing!  Do you wear your babies in the winter months?  What is some of your favorite winter gear to keep both you and baby warm?


  • I have a baby due in a couple of weeks and already have the carrier, but I registered for two covers and didn’t receive them. We will definitely be out and about this winter/spring since I have a 3yo son. Park, store, playdates, and activities!

  • I don’t have a baby to wear this winter (will have a second in June) but I wore my first all winter long on twice daily walks with the dog. I used an Ergo and wore a big down jacket over both of us.

  • We have all these festivals and celebrations in my town and I love to wear my son to those!! Also, its so much easier to wear him while shopping if he;s already fallen asleep in the car seat. I just transfer over and if he’s warm and covered he’;; stay asleep almost the whole shopping trip!!

  • Great ideas… But I actually find summer more challenging. How do you deal with the heat when you have a baby snuggled up in a wrap right next to you?

    • I have spent 3 out of the last 4 days with my 7 month old in the carrier most of the day. There are a few I would say are perfect for the summer heat. One is to get a water wrap. You can use it in the water or out, and it’s a jersey/mesh type of material that would allow for a ton of airflow through it. The other is a favorite of mine – the Lillebaby Airflow. It is a mesh material that stays cooler than a regular carrier. I hope that helps, summer seems to be when we baby wear the most since we are out doing so many outdoors things.

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