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If you could see our house, it looks a little like Toys ‘R Us threw up all over the place.  We have more than a few toys!  But finding something that can keep the kids’ attention for more than a few days can still be a challenge.  When we received the Casey the Camper Van, we ripped it open right away.  Then we put it to the test – the Maggie and Charlie test.    Well, no surprise, they loved it right away.  I knew they would, new is always exciting, but what about later?  Would they still play with it or would it just sit around?

WOW Toys, Casey the Camper Van

I suppose first of all, you want to know what this toy is all about.  Casey is a non-battery operated motorized motorhome.  The set comes complete with Pete and Lilly, Sammy the dog, a removable dog basket with dog bowl, a removable picnic table and two suitcases that sit on top of the camper.  When pushed, the motorhome has a realistic, and very exciting to both of my kids, sound.  The motorhome keeps going on its own when the kids push it.

WOW Toys, Casey the Camper VAnWOW Toys Casey the Camper Van

The front of the camper opens up to allow Pete or Lilly to drive.  The tailgate can be opened using the push button tailgate, or simply by pulling it open.  The kids have trouble pushing the button enough to make the tailgate pop open, so mostly they just pull it open.   The roof opens up and becomes a fun hopscotch board with a flower bed.  Inside the motorhome, your kids will find a bed, sink, dresser, and a colorful floor.  When it is closed up, they will see the picture of Lilly and Pete and Sammy on the window.

WOW Toys, Casey the Camper Van

The 2 suitcases sit on top of the motorhome in slots designed to hold them.


You know what is really awesome about Casey the Camper Van?  It grows with your kids.  It says 1 1/2 -5, but even daddy thinks it is pretty fun.  The kids love it.  They will fight over whose turn it is to push it.  Charlie just pushes it.  He likes to flip open the doors too, but mostly, just loves to push it and let go and see it keep driving on its own.  Maggie has such a great imagination and loves to play pretend, so the removable pieces are so much fun for her to play with.  We go on a lot of adventures in our daily lives {mostly without ever leaving the yard, ha}, and playing with Casey the Camper Van is no different.  Maggie will sit down to play with it and tell me to come on, we are going on an adventure.


I know that most play is also learning for kids, and this is no different.  Maggie and Charlie learn through sensory stimulation, motor skill development, discover and learning, social interaction, as well as role play and exploration.


One of my favorite things about Casey the Camper Van is that the pieces can all be stored inside.  Don’t let that fool you, we have lost the removable picnic table and I still cannot find it!


Every piece of this toy is sturdy.  Looking at it online, I worried that with the opening hatches, that it would get broke at some point while they were playing with it.  When it arrived and I was checking it out, I realized how sturdy the pieces are.  Each piece is colorful and fun and will hold your childs attention.

WOW Toys Casey the Camper Van

We have had a lot of fun with Casey and are so glad he is part of our family.  He has taken up a permanent residence in our living room and I don’t see him leaving for quite awhile.

WOW Toys, Casey the Camper Van

Get your kids Casey the Camper Van in time for Christmas {don’t hate me}.  All of the toys are PVC free and no batteries required!  Or check out WOW toys and let me know your favorite toy.  Have some fun with WOW on Facebook!


Now, through October 3, 2013, you can win a Casey the Camper Van toy from WOW toys.


What is your favorite WOW toy?   I mean, your kids’ favorite?


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