Traits I would love my babies to have {+Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linky}

Maggie and Charlie, you will each grow up to be your own unique and amazing individuals. I hope you reach far above where your dad and I are and what we have achieved in our lives, but there are also things about us that I hope you both go through life with.

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I hope you have my eyes. Not the physical part of them, but the ability to see the good in people and situations.

Our smarts mixed together to give you the best of what we both have to offer. Your dad is very street smart, while mama is very book smart. Find a way to grab the best from both of us and use it to go through life.

We are both very social and I can see that you have both already formed your own social ideas. You both love to talk to people. You use your voice to speak kindly to people. Maggie, you already have great empathy. When somebody gets hurt, you are quick to tell them sorry that they are sad and it will be okay. Which leads to the next part. Maggie, you are very outspoken and love to talk to people. Charlie man, you are just starting to open up to people more.

Use your ears to listen. But don’t just listen, actually take the time to hear what people have to say. Be a good friend. You will learn more and accomplish so much if you take the time to hear what is being said. Take the time to enjoy the quiet sounds of nature and find peace in it.

Be kind hearted even as you grow. Maggie, never lose that part of you that always cares what is happening to other people. You are always ready to help and to try to fix any boo boo with a kiss and a nice touch. Be generous and ready to help people. Maggie, you are such a great prayer {is that a word} and put a lot of thought into what you say to God. Charlie, you are learning to pray and I can’t wait to see God work through you as well. Keep that faith as you grow. It will get you through the hard times and the easy times.

Have your daddy’s hands. He is such a hard worker. He has blessed us with the chance for me to stay home with you both and that is a gift I will always cherish. Your work doesn’t have to be physical though, you can be hard working through other things like mommy. Daddy is always ready to say yes when a friend, or even a stranger needs help.

Keep those dancing legs. Be active. Enjoy life and don’t just sit around and let it pass you by. Be involved in it. And dance. Just keep on dancing.

Above all, be you. You are both incredible little people and I am so excited to watch you grow. I hope that we have taught you good values that will carry you through your entire lives. Be individuals. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit different. Be confident and enjoy your successes and failures. Always know how much I love you.

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What traits do you hope your children have as they grow up?


  • What a beautiful piece for them to read someday. Mine was not that good. I hope my little ones get a combo of our smarts too. Their dads ability to read and retain and theirs moms ability to see and do.

  • What a tear jerker of a post! Beautifully written. I need to remember to write something similar for my little man’s baby book. I hope he learns to love people.

    • Thank you so much! even as I wrote it, I felt like I didn’t quite convey everything I wanted it to.

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