Truth Becomes Her – The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Ringleaders Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

It’s no secret I am a book addict – I mean, I write a weekly Books We Love feature to share our favorites each week. I don’t just want any books in our house though, I want good ones – you know, the ones with a message that counts! The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS from Truth Becomes Her is a big hit for me!

Geared towards girls ages 4-10, this book is gorgeous! I’m talking, from the hardcover binding and the illustrations on the front page all the way through to the bible verses and illustrations at the end of the book! RINGLEADERS is a nine chapter book that is more like two stories in one. Join Rooney as she auditions for a play that she is excited about and her journey through this experience. But – go beyond that as her angel Mari pops up to take Rooney on adventures through the Bible. Adventures with women of the Bible whose story relates to Rooney and a situation she is facing.

You will see Rooney peer through windows into the past, windows that help her to “meet” women from the Bible and learn about their journey and struggles.  You can almost feel Rooney’s emotions as you “hear” their story told by Mari.  Then, you can read on as Rooney recognizes how even if her situation feels difficult, that if Elizabeth, or Mary or any of the other women from the Bible could face these situations and be okay, that she would also be okay.  She will fold her hands and pray throughout the chapters.  There are colorful pages with bible verses that are perfect for your young girls to memorize.  

I love how Rooney takes these situations and applies them to her life and her situation.  It helps my daughter to recognize how facing a difficult situation isn’t impossible but takes faith and trust in God.  The absolute ONLY downside to these books is that my daughter is getting too old for them!  Not for the message necessarily, but for the length of the stories.  She is a great reader and whipped through the stories quickly.  Having said that – I will be ordering some more of the other Bible Belles stories for her to read.  

I really love that as part of the review for this book, we also received the Ringleaders Coloring Book, Ringleaders: A Devotional for Girls and the Ringleaders Journal for Mothers and Daughters.  We haven’t used the coloring book much yet, but as it turns out, last night, my cousin was here with her 1 1/2 year old and Maggie read her part of the story and turned to a matching page in the coloring book and let her color it.  

The Devotional is amazing {and the timing was perfect – we just finished up her last devotional}.  Each lesson has a few paragraphs to read, some Bible verses to read and questions or activities to answer or do and prayers.  The devotional is broken down into chapters to go along with the RINGLEADERS book.

The RINGLEADERS Journal for Mothers and Daughters is also awesome and something I have looked for for awhile.  Since this journal goes along with the story, it is broken down by the women from the Bible that Rooney learns about in the story.  You will read and study about Elizabeth, Mary, The Samaritan Woman, Mary and Martha and Mary Magdalene.  The pages alternate with space for mom to answer and space for the daughter to answer.  They are clearly marked mother and daughter.  They ask questions like what I love most about the story, favorite part of her story, draw a scene you liked from the story.  Talk about why that person’s story is important and a time when it applies to your life.  Space to write about how God works in your life, free space and pages to answer together – these are my favorite!  

Okay, I had a lot to say!  You guys, I highly recommend these books for your young girls.  Amazing stories about good choices and ways to follow and live a life God wants for you.  You can read more reviews about the RINGLEADERS books.  

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