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This week, our topic is your child’s favorite book.

We love to read and have always spent a lot of time reading.  I’m not so sure what Charlie’s favorite book is yet, but he loves to be read to, and loves when we read books with baby’s in them.  Baby Faces may be one of his favorites!

Maggie, however, has favorites.  And a lot of them.  She has many favorites, including Good Night Moon, The Barn Storm, How about a kiss for me (one of my favorites as well), and Brown bear, brown bear.  Her current favorite book is The Easter Story.  I love reading this with her.  I am so proud when we read this to know that I am teaching her some good stuff and she understands it.

She will look at each page and ask what the people are doing, and ask Where’s Jesus?  Then we talk about how the people are praying or crying or who the disciples are.  It’s so fun to read with her.  She’s at that age where she understands the books and what is going on.

Another one of our favorite books we don’t have, but we watch on youtube all the time. It’s a catchy tune!

How about you, what are your children’s favorite books?


  • My toddlers favorite bedtime story is a free book we got out of a box a Cheerios Lol Its called Dream Away and he loves it. I love reading to him hes just not patient enough to sit through a very long story ( hes only 2) I’m teaching him that books are to be treasured and I want him to enjoy reading as much as I do .

  • So sweet! Reading is a big hit at our house too. Your “Where’s Jesus?” comment from your sweet girl reminds me of my 2 year old little boy…he points to every bearded man in any book we read and immediately says, “JESUS!” …lol..sometimes he’s right…sometimes he’s not. LOL 🙂

    • Haha. I love it. Maggie actually calls Santa Clause Jesus. I’m not sure where that idea came from. I correct her every time, but she never says Santa.

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