The Ultimate Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers #MPMHGG

It seems like each year, finding stocking stuffers for our family either slips my mind until the last minute, or I feel like I cannot find good, quality, useful things that our family will actually use.  There are a few things that I try to add each year, like some art supplies, new socks, a toothbrush.  I know there are better alternatives for some of the products that we get in our stockings, so this year, when I had the chance to review The Ultimate Green Store, I knew they would have the ultimate eco friendly stocking stuffers for our family.  If you have been searching for new, fun, useful, eco friendly stocking stuffer ideas this year, let me and The Ultimate Green Store help.

Stocking Stuffer IdeasWater Bottles.  I have known for a few months that I would get the kids new water bottles.  I wanted higher quality bottles than what they had been using, so when I headed to The Ultimate Green Store website, that was the very first thing I searched for.  The kids would use them all of the time so it didn’t feel like more useless stuff in our house.  I like that I could get them each a water bottle in their choice of color, and get baby Henry a sippy cup for when he gets a little bit older.

Klean KanteenArt Supplies.  I really love the Crazy Crayons Eco Stars Recycled Wax Crayons and the Prang Soybean Blend Biodegradable Crayons.  It doesn’t really matter in our house what art supplies we buy, the kids love and use them all.  Having a more eco friendly option always makes me feel a little better about how many art supplies we go through around here.

471Accessories.  My kids love BabyLegs and so do I.  Especially on a newborn so I don’t have to constantly take pants on and off all day long.  The kids just wear them as accessories that may or may not match their outfits, haha.  Jewelry is another great stocking stuffer accessory.  The Ultimate Green Store has organic baby legs as well as organic hemp beanies and some eco jewelry.


Necessities.  Things that you need, but that kids still get excited about.  Organic lip balm, organic body wash, organic shampoo / conditioner.  Whether men, women or kids, there is something for everyone.  I try to sneak in something really fun for them like bubble bath.

1338Stuffed Animal.  There are some cute stuffed animals and stuffed toys available at The Ultimate Green Store for all of the littles in your life.

2800I love finding useful and fun stocking stuffer ideas.  Since we are trying to cut down on the amount of stuff that we have, I don’t want to just put things in the stockings that we really don’t need or that are just cheap and a total waste of money.  The Ultimate Green Store has so much to choose from, but choosing is fun.  Especially when every single thing you find there is eco friendly.  That means that you can feel good about it.

Klean KanteenYou can find The Ultimate Green Store by shopping their website {affiliate link}, or on Facebook and Twitter.  Right now, save 10 % on any order using code HOLIDAY2014 through December 31, 2014.

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