Up the cuteness factor with My Little Legs

Up the cuteness factor with My Little Legs

Back in the day, I played roller derby, and my elbow pads would slide down as I got all sweaty.  It was then that a friend suggested baby leg warmers.  They fit perfectly, and held the pads in place.  That’s when I first discovered baby leg warmers.  When I quit skating, I didn’t give it a second thought.  Then, when I had my daughter, my sister bought us a pair.  I really thought they were awesome and so cute!  When we started using cloth diapers, I fell in love with baby leg warmers.

My favorite place to get my little ones’ leg warmers is from My Little Legs.  Julia and Danielle have been fabulous to work with!  Plus, I love working with and supporting mom owned businesses.  My Little Legs started in a garage, sort of.  It really started in a spare bedroom, but quickly upgraded to the garage.  Now, they have made My Little Legs into an awesome business with their own office space.  Even with their own space now, they still operate as a small company.  They are moms themselves with 5 little ones between them.  They know how busy being a mom is, and how important a budget is, so they make sure they pass along savings to all of their customers.  You will find more than just the classic baby look when you buy from My Little Legs.  You can get funky, animal, holiday themed, or team colors!  They didn’t stop at just leg warmers though – you can get hair bows, hats, bibs, socks, footless tights, diaper covers, blankets, petti rompers and dresses.  My Little Legs will treat you like part of the family and that’s how they view every customer – as part of their team.  Without you – they would still be in that {very hot} garage.

I’m pretty sure my family thinks I’m crazy because I would much rather put My Little Legs on both of my kids than pants.  Call me crazy if you want, but I have a 2 year old that has been potty training {we are done training – yay!} and a 10 month old who we do EC with.  Not having to put pants on my squirmy little guy, yet keeping him warm is so important.  He is so busy and has no time for pants.  Not to mention, he crawls a lot, and ends up with rug burn unless he is wearing leg warmers.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget, he is a sock-puller-offer and the My Little Legs make it much tougher for him to get them off.  I think my favorite thing about these is that when he is in the baby carrier, you know how their pants ride up a little and their little legs are uncovered?  Yep, these keep that area covered and warm which was super awesome this last week because it was cold for the garage sale and we were outside for 3 straight days in it.

If you are the mommy of a potty trainer, you could maybe say you can’t live without these!  Okay, so you probably could but these are so helpful.  First of all because my sweet girl never complains about putting the My Little Legs on herself.  Secondly, because she doesn’t have to pull them on and off every time she goes to the bathroom like she does with pants or tights.  And since she was potty training over the winter months, these were so important.  She wore dresses all winter long, and this way, her little legs stayed warm.  And to be very honest, if her undies didn’t quite keep it all in, the leg warmers soaked up the rest of the pee.  Gross, I know, but it kept our floors a bit cleaner as well as her shoes.

When Julia emailed and said to let her know which ones I would like to review, I got this super crazy, excited look and couldn’t wait to go scrolling through the choices…..then came the tough part, deciding!    I mean, there are so many adorable leg warmers that my children obviously need!  I finally decided on Monkey Love, Purple Flower Ruffle,  Little Brother, Big Sister, Boy Owl,   Braxton Stripe, and Gray Argyle.  Seriously you guys, I want them all!  They have more now that I am crazy in love with, like the Green Camouflage!  You have to check out the Gray Argyle set – hat, tie and leg warmers!!!

It’s so much fun to match these to Charlie’s diapers, or their outfits if we actually end up getting dressed.        
There are days that Maggie decides to just wear them all….at once.  She loves her My Little Legs!

Both of my kids are wearing the one size, but you can get newborn leg warmers too!

Because they know that you are busy moms too, My Little Legs has built this business to cater to home shoppers and busy moms.  They really do love their customers, and you can find them asking for opinions on products every day on their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

Visit My Little Legs and get FREE shipping to all US customers!  Enter to win $25 and get your kids their own My Little Legs!

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