Using Sticker Books to Supplement Homeschool

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Sticker books are more than just fun. Kids can learn so much, from eye-hand coordination to reasoning and creative thinking. Get those hands and wheels turning with Usborne sticker books.Part of Charlie’s preschool has been using the Alphabet Sticker Book and Number Sticker Book.  He doesn’t really want to practice writing his letters or numbers, and right now, that’s alright.  It’s more important to me that he is learning to recognize them.  Fortunately, these 2 books both encourage him to recognize them while seeing numbers or pictures and words with that letter, as well as a little writing practice on each page.  What I love most is that Charlie enjoys working on them.  He just recently finished the number sticker book and is SO proud of his work.

Usborne First Numbers Sticker Book

Now sticker books are part of our regular homeschool day.  Even better than that – some of our learning time is at bedtime.  Here’s why.  Sticker books are more than just fun for kids.  Using books like this Egyptian Mummies sticker book encourage creative thinking, reasoning and understanding.  They are also great for embracing your child’s interests.  Using the stickers for a given page, you can read what it says at the top and they can “set the stage” by placing the stickers where they think they are appropriate.

Usborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker BookUsborne Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book

In books like the Superheroes sticker book, they work on fine motor skills and hand – eye coordination, strengthening the child’s ability to write words and draw pictures.  Parts of the picture are blacked out and they add the stickers, bringing the picture to life.  This book is such a hit with Charlie that he has requested {out of the tons of sticker books Usborne has available} to get another Superhero sticker book.  This also works the logical thinking side of their brain, working on reasoning and understanding as they find where each sticker fits on the page.

Usborne Superhero Sticker BookUsborne Superhero Sticker Book

Use them to supplement your geography or history lessons, or whatever else they would be appropriate for.  Sticker dolly dressing around the world was fun for us to learn about and discuss different cultures and their traditional clothing.  I really want this flags sticker book for the kids.

Usborne Flags Sticker Book

The My First Sticker books are perfect for my 2 year old who really wants to be a part of the kids’ sticker books but they don’t want him “messing up” their pages.  He can have his own my first cars sticker book and work on his fine motor skills while having fun being like his big brother and sister.Usborne First Sticker Book Cars


With over 100 sticker book titles to choose from, which one is your favorite?

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