We had a blast!

We had a blast!

We are definitely enjoying this weather!  I have had my niece and nephew this week, and we have been going on lots of walks and playing outside a ton!  It was close to 70 out today.  I love this weather!  We went for a walk the “other” way when we left.  Jason has been asking to go that way, but he likes to take the dog and there is a dog that way that I’m not too sure about, so my dog doesn’t get to go with when we go that direction. 

I love where we live, if we turn right out of our driveway, we walk past the horses (usually); if we turn left, we go past the cows – much stinkier!  Well, we went to see the cows today.  First, we pass the house with the rott that runs free.  Jason was pulling Madison and Maggie in the little red wagon.  This dog didn’t come out to the road like usual, but sat and barked the whole time!  All of a sudden, Jason was like where is that dog coming from; we could hear a little yipping dog.  I was wondering too, nobody out here has yipping dogs, they have bigger dogs.  Wouldn’t you know it……it was my little Maggie sitting in the wagon barking back at the dog.  We all cracked up laughing, it was so cute!  Then we get down two more houses, and there are the cows.  She quit barking and started moo-ing.  Such a smart girl! 

I was definitely worn out by the time we got back, but we sure had a nice walk.  Then we sat outside and played for a few hours.  It’s such a great time of year…the bugs aren’t out and the weather was perfect! 


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