Well that didn’t go as planned…..

Since I had my niece and nephew all week, and since it was absolutely gorgeous out, we planned to be outside all day!  Well…..Thursday afternoon, my little Maggie got a fever.  Not super high or anything, around 101, but she’s only had one fever before…not bad for 17 months old.  She was really clingy and just laid around with me after her nap.  She didn’t get down at all.  Then when I went to go to bed, she started crying really hard so I picked her up and she was wretching, but no puke.  Poor girl!  I sat down in bed to try calming her down and give her some tylenol.  20 minutes later, she puked.  All over me, the bed, blankets and the floor.  🙁

We had a pretty sleepless night, but we had an appointment for 9 am to make sure she didn’t have strep since she was exposed to it.  Results:  No strep and no ear infection.  Yay!  But she’s still sick.  Get home, get her to take a nap, and when she woke up, her fever was up to 102.5.  She didn’t leave my arms the rest of the day.  A few hours later, her temperature was up to 103.8.  I know I know, don’t panic.  I didn’t, but I did call the nurses line to see what they had to say.  They said there is a virus of some sort going around that involves high fevers and lasts days.  Oh great!  Another sleepless night ahead of us.

My poor little baby girl 🙁

Around 5 am she woke up, and it seemed like her fever was gone, at least mostly.    I thought, hey, awesome!  That didn’t last long.  She ate breakfast okay, then around 10 her fever started going up again.  Up and up and up to 103.8 again.  Grrr.  My poor baby girl!  We spent the rest of this day also just sitting on the couch with her resting on me.

John was on his way home from North Dakota, still without a job.  Grrrr again.  There went $3000 we aren’t getting back.  He got home around 930.  At around 8ish, Maggie perked up a little bit and interacted with me and talked to her dogs and even ate some Kix cereal.  Yay!  but her fever was still hovering around 102, but down a little anyways.  She stayed awake for almost an hour and fell asleep right before daddy got home.  Woke up when the dogs barked.

We went outside to greet them.  They had decided to move stuff around in the yard in the dark.  While Dave was backing up the truck, he ran over a dog a little bit.  Are you kidding me???  Can I have some more stress…please?!  Okay, so it wasn’t his fault, our dogs usually run away from the vehicles, we don’t even slow down when we pull into our driveway because they just run along side of it.  Now, it was dark and both of our dogs are black, but when Buddy Boy yelped, it scared the crap out of me!  So, I went running, 6 1/2 months pregnant after my dog to be sure he was okay.  Obviously he was somewhat okay since he was running very fast for his old self to the door.  I let him in and he sat there shaking almost  in my lap.  Poor boy.  We kept an eye on him, and things seemed okay, but how scary.

Enter…another sleepless night from little miss sicko.  Still a fever all night long.  She ate breakfast again though, and got down for a few minutes at a time and played, but definitely not feeling all better.  As the day went on, she was very whiny which she wasn’t the last few days.  The last few days, she hardly made a peep, just laid there.  She didn’t want daddy at all today, just me, and let me tell you, I am exhausted!  Mostly just mental exhaustion.  I haven’t had two free arms in days!  She is asleep in bed without me for the first time in days, so I can finally do what hasn’t been done all weekend.  Now, hopefully her fever is gone for good tomorrow, but not going to hold my breath.  We are still at 101.5 when I laid her down. 

So, I think that about ends my lovely weekend.  Hopefully she feels better soon and we can get back to playing.

Did you have a Manic Monday and want to share?



    • Thank you! We took her back to the doctor yesterday, to see her doctor who wasn’t there on Friday. Another strep test, check of the ears, and she has strep throat and her first ear infection 🙁 She seems back to herself already this morning, mostly at least. Running around playing and chatting up a storm.

      Thanks for the follow!

    • I heard RSV was going around. I know the friend she was around who had strep throat also ended up with 5ths disease…but after going back to her doctor yesterday instead of that “other” doc we saw Friday, she had strep and her first ear infection. She already seems back to her crazy little self.

  • Hi Shannon.Poor little Maggie. I hate when kids get sick…especially with an ear infection. Hope she feels better today. Thanks for following my blog. I am following back.

    Hope you all get some sleep…you need it!

    • Thanks! She seems to be doing better BUT….we ended up back at the doc today. I was reading a book to her and looked down and she has a rash covering her entire body. Turns out she is allergic to the medicine! This must be why we aren’t a medicine kind of family. Grrrr. Spent most of the morning / afternoon getting her looked at and picking up the new meds.

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