What shall I do with the kids today? *Giveaway*

Did you know I use to be a teacher?  I taught lots of different ages, but 2 year olds were my favorite!  When I stopped teaching, I kept all of my teaching curriculum.  I have it all in a big bin in the crawl space.  
I always imagined that I would be a super mom and do tons of activities with my kids someday.  And then, reality strikes!  We do a lot of things, but not as much crafty stuff as I imagined.  I really thought I would be a better mom!  And I was pretty good for awhile, then I got pregnant, exhausted, and now I have 2 kids.  Still tired!  I want to do stuff with Maggie, but by the time I think of it, I don’t have the ambition to prepare the activities and then do it, then clean it all up.  If I had the ideas right in from of me with no extra work on my part, that would be great!  Then I wouldn’t have to take time away from Charlie and Maggie to get ready for something like that.  
Enter:  BabbaBox.   All of the materials we need, plus instructions delivered right to our door every month!  And, just like my teaching stuff, it is centered around a theme based on the time of year, for example, November was centered around Thanksgiving with a Baking Together Box.  January‘s theme, Get Organized! Kids love “doing” things.  And this way, it’s easy for you to join in the fun!  It isn’t too late to get in on the fun!  Order your own BabbaBox or order it for a niece or nephew, friend, busy mom that wants to do these things with the kids.  
Right now, you can enter to win a years subscription of BabbaBoxes or a $500 gift certificate to crew cuts by J. Crew!  Head on over and like BabbaCo on Facebook and post your family’s holiday photo for a chance to win!  Give the gift that keeps giving all year long!  
*Disclosure:  This article is sponsored by BabbaCo..  All opinions are 100% my own.* 

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  • Aww, Just because you don’t organize crafts for your kids every day doesn’t mean you aren’t a great mom! It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with your kids! My 4 yr old loves doing crafts but she also loves coming up with her own crafts so I keep a lot of craft supplies in a cupboard she is always allowed to go in and sometimes she just makes up her own craft 🙂

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