What’s New in 2019

While life has been a bit hectic around here, things are starting to fall into place for us. Our life changed a ton over the last year. I went from writing, crafting and selling real estate as more of a hobby to making it a full-time gig that supports the kids and me. Being a single mom isn’t anything I ever dreamed I would have to do but it’s where life has taken me.

There have been plenty of highs and lows over the last year. My craft business – CraftyShanCreations is keeping me busy and I am so so so thankful for every single order. Something I started as an accident a few years ago is my main source of income right now so if you want to check out my Facebook page or my Etsy shop – I would love that!

We moved from our 5 acres in the country into a duplex where we don’t have the same outdoor space. This has definitely been the hardest part of it all for the kids – that and not being able to bring our dog with which was heartbreaking. My boys have always been waiting at the door when I get out of the shower to head outside to play in the dirt. This summer will be a little different but we are excited to have some more options when we move out of this rental. The whole idea of renting kills me when I’ve spent the last nine years as a homeowner. Knowing we will have more options when it’s time to move and that we will all get to decide together instead of take what we can find. I know we will all be excited to find a place with some land in the country again. Trading a hee-hawing donkey for the sound of the interstate isn’t really my style but I’m thankful every day for a nice, safe place to live with the kids.

By the grace of God, I’m still able to homeschool the kids. Finding a way to settle into a routine that allows me to get my work done, spend time with the kids and homeschool them was a challenge but we are getting our groove back. That leads me to some really exciting news. This year I will be part of the Homeschool Review Crew which means I will be bringing you more awesome curriculum reviews. I’m so excited about this because I love checking out different options to see what works and doesn’t work for our family.

Homeschool Review Crew

I will be more active with my real estate license this year and the coming years as well.

So many changes but I am so excited to see what 2019 brings for us.

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