When baby’s not happy, mamas not happy

When baby’s not happy, mamas not happy

I think we can all agree, when baby has a bad day, so does mommy.  It’s so hard to see our little ones suffer.  Whether they are in pain from teething, being sick, growing pains or something else entirely, I would do anything to make my little babies feel better.  In our house, we will try to help these two feel better without medicine first, but every once in awhile, we give them Children’s Advil to help.  Charlie is 7 months old, and hasn’t had anything yet.  Hopefully we keep going along that path!  Maggie has only had medicine a couple of times, but she definitely needed something.  You could see her misery all over her face and tell her entire body was not feeling good.  Poor sweet little mamas girl.  It was breaking my heart! When it gets to the point where I give one of my babies medicine, I want to only have to give it to them once.  Children’s Advil provides relief quickly and lasts up to 8 hours with only one dose. 

We received a gift pack from Children’s Advil with a baby bath towel, Children’s Advil, Infant’s Advil , a Health Diary for us to keep track of pretty much everything related to Charlie’s health, a kit to make a babyprints ornament, and the world’s cutest picture frame for our bathroom – this came at just the right time since the frame we had in their broke. This would make a great gift for a baby shower.

Visit Children’s Advil on Facebook or check out their website.  If you do give your little ones medicine, be sure to visit the Helpful Resources section in the Relief Center.  There, you can download a baby’s health diary.  You can track dosing charts (very important), a dosing diary, a comfort care brochure and a flu brochure (which is sure to be handy this time of year).  

Disclosure: “Thank you to Children’s Advil® for providing samples, product information and gift pack.”

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