When clean isn’t clean enough

When clean isn’t clean enough

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We have had a rough winter.  Two stomach bugs – the last of which is believed to have been the Norovirus.  I am very thankful that my kids recover pretty quickly, and handle it all quite well.  You wouldn’t know they were sick except for maybe a few hours each.  After the first stomach bug, I cleaned everything.  I mean everything.  Every single toy in the house.  The door handles, drawer handles, chairs, everything I could think of.  We avoided going out during flu season.  I was determined not to get sick.  That didn’t work out.  Now, everybody is healthy and I”m back to cleaning everything again.  This year, we aren’t just cleaning, we are Healthing. {Healthing:  The act of not just cleaning, but ensuring everybody takes the steps necessary to stay healthy.} For that – I’m reaching for my Lysol disinfecting wipes.

I’m sure you all know the ones I’m talking about.  They are the perfect size for any messes we have to clean.  I especially love them because they not only clean, but disinfect too.  I use to use a wash rag and soap, but I feel much more confident that we are actually killing the bacteria now.  Our other super power?  Lysol disinfectant spray.  I have never been a germaphob before, but this year, the flu had me kind of freaked out!  At least I can rest easy knowing that we have killed 99.9 % of the cold and flu viruses around the house. 

This year, LYSOL wants to not only help my family stay healthy, but they are partnering with Giuliana Rancic and YMCA to demonstrate Healthing in action.  LYSOL is providing attendees at each of the YMCS locations they visit with hands on education about the products and steps to help improve hygiene habits at home, while making it fun for kids.  Not only is LYSOL providing the information and products to the YMCA’s to help keep families healthy, they are also donating a one year membership to some deserving family.  What a great program.  Kids need to learn how to stay healthy, and that starts with hygiene and cleaning.  From the automatic soap dispenser to the disinfecting wipes, LYSOL is working to make Healthing a regular part of every household and help stop the spread of germs. 

Are you ready to join LYSOL, the YMCA, and my family by taking the LYSOL Healthing Initiative?  Find more information on LYSOL’s website, Facebook page, or get ideas on how to initiate Healthing in your home with their guidebook

What ways can you start Healthing with your family?

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