When Easter gets a little crazy {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Linkup}

When Easter gets a little crazy {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Linkup}

I love holidays, every single one of them.  I have celebrated every single Easter with my family on Easter Sunday.  This year was a bit different.  Because my sister, her new husband and their baby were here for 10 days, and because my cousin is an accountant and is extremely busy, so we celebrated Easter a week early with my family.  And, even more different, we celebrated at our house!  We love love love having people over, even though it’s a lot of work sometimes.  To top it off, we had a baby shower at our house Saturday for my sister and the baby since they were here, then, baby’s baptism Sunday morning, family pictures afterwards at our house, and then Easter.  Oh yeah, Friday night.  Friday night, we dyed Easter eggs!  Such a fun weekend, but very busy.

We did normal dying of Easter eggs for the most part, the older kids did fancier stuff.  Maggie had fun putting all of the eggs in one color, so we had to change up the colors or all of her eggs were going to be green, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I gave both Charlie and Maggie an egg in a bag with shaving cream and food coloring.  Maggie wasn’t really interested, but the older kids had some fun with it.  Charlie thought it was a bat or something.  He just held on and whipped the bag all over the place, he was pretty excited.  The egg looked pretty neat, but was dented in quite a few places!  But hey, he got to dye eggs for his first Easter!

We had 25 people here for Easter.  Of course, there was a yummy dinner, and the best part about having dinner at our house – we all fit together at one table!  Well, actually, 2 tables together, but still, pretty awesome!  We weren’t going to search for our Easter baskets, but when the Easter bunny hid Maggie’s, I suggested a spot where she wouldn’t be until after we ate, but wouldn’t you know, she for some reason went into the back dining room when we were getting dinner ready and found her basket all by herself.  I thought that was pretty awesome.  Since I will assume that only adults are reading this, I will share the Easter bunny story with you.  Since we have always had it at my aunt and uncles, we had tons of new hiding spots this year.   My aunt said, everybody hide a basket or two (because yes, even the adults get one, we are very lucky).  Well, I went to go hide one in a suitcase in the laundry room, and all of a sudden, my sister walks back there and says, hey, I was going to hide a basket in there.  Now, the funny part, I was hiding her and her husbands basket at that moment.  The even funnier part, I found out the next day that she had mine and John’s basket and was planning to hide it in that same suitcase.  Really?!  How did I find that out?  We couldn’t find ours when we were looking because we had already looked places, only to find out that once my aunt heard what happened, she went and moved our basket!  Man, this girl wanted some chocolate!  Charlie didn’t want to get down and crawl, so he didn’t find his basket, but everybody else did!  It was pretty cute. 

During our Easter egg hunt, we had a ton of snow!  It was pretty chilly out too.  Charlie did his egg hunting in babywearing style.  Maggie was first being pulled around by my nephew in the sled and he would pull them up to the eggs.  Then, she got out and walked.  I asked if she saw any eggs, to which she replied:  I do, and another one, and another one, and another one.  It was so cute!  I had so much fun egg hunting with everybody.  Did I mention that while we were having pictures taken, the dogs were eating the hardboiled eggs?

We were suppose to go to a baptism Easter Sunday, but the kids and I were all sick {sad face} so we stayed home.  Then John went to his moms and picked up the kids’ Easter baskets.  His mom also packed 60 eggs full of treats and toys and coins for the kids so they got to have an egg hunt when he got home.  They thought that was pretty fun.  Charlie could even just crawl on over to the eggs. 

Tomorrow, we will finally let the kids find their Easter baskets from this Easter bunny.  I finally felt well enough to put their things together.  Boohoo for being sick, but who doesn’t love celebrating holidays an extra day?


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How did you and your family celebrate Easter?

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