Why I know my baby is the cutest baby EVER!!

Why I know my baby is the cutest baby EVER!!

Ok, only one of the many reasons, and so what if you think I am biased!

Tonight I stopped at Applebees for dinner, just me and Maggie.  She was holding my phone to her ear talking to her daddy.  As we are walking to our table, people are just cracking up and commenting on how adorable she is.  Throughout the meal, servers kept stopping by to talk to her because if you talk to her, she responds by showing off some of her cuteness.  All of this reminded me of a story from about 6 months back. 

Some friends of ours had closed on a house using the world’s greatest realtor (ME).  So, we took them out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, can we say yummy!!!   We ended up seated in a high traffic area, and every single server in the place stopped by our table at least 3 times, and I’m really not exaggerating.  They kept coming back to say how cute or adorable she was (and is). 

At one point, one of the servers asked whose she was, so I said mine, John said his.  Then there were at least 4 of the female servers gathered around our table.  John looks at them and says……Yep, I am the daddy.  I make very cute kids……and then he says…………………………………………………..

ANYBODY WANT TO GET PREGNANT??????    John, are you kidding me?  You can’t be saying that to people! 

It doesn’t matter what we are doing, she loves being talked to and will give you the biggest, cheesiest grin she can; or flirt and bat her eyelashes; or tell you a story and laugh with you.  That’s my little social butterfly whom I happen to think is the worlds cutest baby!  


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