Diono Radian RXT Carseat review

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go…..but will we get there safely?
We live out in the country and it takes AT LEAST 20 minutes one way to get anywhere.  That means that any trip is likely to take at least an hour and most of that time is spent driving.  Knowing that my kids are safe is my #1 priority.  Especially now that winter has arrived, along with icy roads, having the right carseat will ease my mind so I can focus on driving.  When I found out I was going to be reviewing a Diono Radian RXT carseat, I did a happy dance.  Seriously, happy dance and completely cut off my friend who was in the middle of a sentence.  I have done my research, and knew the Diono Radian RXT was the one I wanted.
What makes this such a great, highly sought after carseat?  Well, for instance, this:
We had been tossing around the idea of trading in my Envoy for something bigger.  Now that we had two kids, when my niece was over, it was such a pain to go somewhere because all 3 carseats just barely fit.  With the Diono, that shouldn’t be a problem.  It is much more narrow than our old carseat.
And this.
You cannot beat the safety features of this seat.  I love that it is built with a  steel alloy frame, reinforced aluminum sidewalls, adjustable head support and our patented SafeStop® energy absorbing harness.  There is energy-absorbing EPS foam panels to protect the head, body and hips. The adjustable head support is reinforced for complete side impact safety.  I really feel like this is the safest carseat around.  When I put Maggie in this carseat, I feel like she is safe.  It has been NCAP tested using almost 2x the force of a standard crash test.  Because it is made from steel instead of plastic, it also has a 10 year lifespan so it will last for as long as your child needs a carseat, or through multiple kids.  The Radian RXT fits from 5-120 pounds so your kid is covered!  It is great for extended rear facing, up to 45 pounds!!!  Between the tether and the superLATCH, the carseat quickly installs very securely.  Plus, this is the only carseat where the LATCH system can be used up to 80 pounds.  I like that we can use the LATCH and tether together for an unbelievably secure installation.  In our old carseat, I always worried how safe her head would be if we were in an accident.  With this seat, I actually felt confident in how secure it was installed.  Because the Radian offers 12 height positions of adjustable head support, I know her head is well protected.  And, the head support is really easy, simply push from the top down, or if it is down, hold your hands under and push up.  With 5 different shoulder positions and 3 buckle positions, I know no matter what size and shape my kid is, I will get the right fit.  There are also 2 recline positions when using the seat forward facing.  There are also rubber bottom grips to ensure no slip installation.When installing the carseat rear facing, the base is clearly labeled to ensure you use it correctly.


Diono didn’t just stop with superior safety, they also ensured the most comfortable ride your kid can have.  Because the carseat sits low on the vehicle seat, Maggie will be able to get herself in and out in no time.  *Correction, as it turns out, she can get herself in and out on her own as she showed me tonight*  The foldout armrests and the longer seat bottom give Maggie more leg support and an extra comfy ride.  The infant body support cushions ensure a great fit for that tiny little baby.  As baby grows, the head support can be removed, and later, the back support.  Did I mention the Radian has memory foam padding for added comfort?  It does.  Seriously, I think her seat may be more comfortable than mine!  I love how the harness comes with pads to protect her little neck and shoulders.  I know that the pads make her happier to be in the carseat because they aren’t hurting her. I like that there is a soft clicking noise as you tighten the harness straps, for me this is a comfort thing.  Our old carseat had very hard to adjust straps and I never felt like I had it secure enough.
Some other great features?  One cup holder comes with the carseat, but you can purchase extras and have 4 cup holders!  I also love that it folds flat and has a handy strap to carry it, this will be handy when we fly out to California to see my sister.  The only downside is that it is heavy to be carrying around an airport, but that’s just the safety features talking, hehe.  Possibly one of my favorite features is the emergency card information pocket.  Clearly labeled in case of emergency, and you keep your childs information card and picture inside it. As any mom can appreciate, I also love the stain resistant fabric that is easy to wash clean.  Because our trips take quite awhile no matter where we are going, she eats in the car fairly often, she is two, and she makes messes.  Now, it’s so easy to clean and I don’t have to take apart the entire seat to do it!


Overall, I LOVE THIS CARSEAT!  When I found out I was getting one, I told everybody that I know about it…..a few of them told me they already knew all about it because I was always saying how much I want this carseat.  When it arrived, I pretty much called them all again.  That is how much I love it.  Actually, more than that.  I know that Maggie is safe.  I know she is comfortable.  I will be buying Charlie one of these at some point, probably with our tax return money!   John was annoyed with me constantly saying how much I wanted one of these, but as soon as I took it out of the box, he wanted another one for Charlie!  I have and do recommend this carseat to anybody and everybody.  In my opinion, you will not find a safer, more comfortable carseat out there.  And because it fits from 5-120 pounds, you will never need another carseat!
Buy it now for the amazing price of $239.08 (this is a seriously awesome deal).
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Happy Travels!
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