Nail Painting Fun

Maggie has been begging me to let her paint her nails ever since her pedicure months ago wore off.  I am so tired of saying later, or not today, but every time she reminded me, we just couldn’t do it then, mostly because Charlie had been sick or I was sick.  Finally, while Charlie had a brief period of time during his day being sick the other day, we sat down to point our toenails.  The kids got to pick out their own colors, they each picked out two.  And they got to paint their own nails.    Maggie picked out purple and then purple sparked.  Charlie picked out a purple and orange so he is ready for halloween.

Nail Painting Fun

The toughest part for me was reaching my toes long enough to take off the old polish, but now I have a greenish – yellow thing going {Go Packers} .  We had a lot of fun painting our toenails and now the kids keep showing them off every chance they get.

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