Yet another fun science experiment {+Giveaway}

Yet another fun science experiment {+Giveaway}

There are a lot of things that have carried over from my teaching days, and one of them is to rotate out our toys every so often.  When I only had one kid, I was much better at it, with two kids, it doesn’t get done nearly as often.  We have a few toys that never leave our living room because they are played with so often, like our Jumbo Safari Counters. Another one of these toys is the Primary Science Sensory Tubes from Learning Resources.  Each of the 4 tubes has 3 caps, 2 solids and one vented {for smelling} The 3 caps are in matching colors, with four different colors total, red, orange, yellow and blue.  You can mix and match them if you want, or for even more learning fun, put something in them that matches the colors of the ends.  You can put just about anything in them, and the best part is, you can find it laying around your house.

Right now, we have water with tiny rubber ducks in one of them and it’s a big hit with both of the kids.  WE have different flowers in one, some that are solid and make noise and some that are soft for scrapbooking {We are thinking spring even if mother nature doesn’t agree}.  Maggie is working on learning some letters right now and is very curious about them, so we have rice with magnet letters in another one so we have fun together searching out the letters.  In the fourth tube, we have cotton balls with cinnamon on them and the vented lid.  Maggie likes to walk around telling me the cotton ball one is our dinner, hehe.  She really likes the scents.

I try to get creative to go along with the seasons and holidays.  For Valentine’s Day, we had lots of reds, pinks, purples and whites in them.  For St. Patrick’s Day lots of green things.  We use dry beans from the kitchen, we have had pine cones in there, that popcorn stuff you get in packages, water with food coloring and so much more.  Generally, I have water or oil or a mixture in at least one of them, something soft, something that makes noise, and whatever else I can come up with.

The tubes are 12″ x 2.5″ and the perfect size for the little ones to wrap their hands around, yet easy to use a bottle brush to clean as well.  I imagine you have some concerns over whether the caps stay tight enough for water, and my answer is yes.  Not one time have we had leaks, although when we have food coloring or oil in them, we only allow those out on the wood floors just in case my sneaky children were to manage to get them open.

Learning Resources loves to run contests, so be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Get your own Sensory Tubes at Amazon, or on sale right now from the Learning Resources website for $26.39.

What fun ideas would you use in these sensory tubes?

Win it!  Learning Resources wants to give one of you lucky readers your own set of Sensory Tubes.

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