Yoga pants = Love

Yoga pants = Love

I know I’m not alone when I say that I spend many of my days wearing yoga pants around the house.  I don’t put on jeans unless I’m headed out…and even then it’s questionable.  That being said, I am constantly in need of yoga pants that I can wear around the house regularly, but that still are comfortable to work out in.  You may remember back in January when I reviewed the Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat and Towel.  I love them both and they still get plenty of use around here.  So, when Eileen asked if I would be interested in reviewing their new yoga clothing line, of course I jumped!  I mean, a company I already like and yoga pants!!!

I was sent the Ladies Long Yoga Pants to review.  The pants are made of 93 % Lenzing Modal and 7 % Spandex.  They are made with high quality materials using eco friendly, carbon neutral process from 100% rejuvenation Beech Wood trees.  Over the last year, we have made a big effort to be a little more earth friendly and our clothes are no exception.  Another of my favorite things about these pants is that they are made in the USA

The seams are sewn on the outside with flat lock seams so it doesn’t irritate your skin while you workout {or lounge}.  The waist has a partial fold down rise in a slanted design for a stylish look that I think helps hide my fat, obviously not enough though, eek!   The material is lightweight and soft for comfort as well as made with wicking capabilities to be highly breathable for those high energy workouts, but is still comfortable for lounging around.  Even though they stretch along with me as I move and workout, the material doesn’t lose its flexibility or shape meaning they fit me the same every time I wear them. The wicking feature is a bonus for me because I sweat a lot and hate when my clothes are sticking to me.  There is a logo printed on the side of one of the legs.

I really like the small pocket on the inside in the back of the pants.  If you are at a gym, it’s a great place to stick your key, or chapstick or license, whatever you choose.

In order to show you the different features, I had to mess around with the lighting and change the color but there is absolutely no fading of the pants!!!  Here is a picture I took today of them.

The Aurorae long yoga pants are available in two colors, black and smoked pearl; as well as sizes XS through XL.  I would honestly wear these pants every single day if I could!  They are so comfortable and I would love to own a few more pairs.  Plus, every purchase from Aurorae is guaranteed and you will always get great customer service.

I absolutely love Aurorae Yoga and all of the products I have been lucky enough to review and these pants are no different.  They are soft, stylish and most of all, comfortable, whether I’m exercising or just running around.  These are my go to pants when they are clean.

For information on sales, new products and more, check out Aurorae Yoga on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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