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I spent years thinking about using essential oils.  Years!  Talking about using them, talking with people about them, yet still, I hadn’t made the move yet.  Then, I found out that one of my friends from church used them, a lot.  I started really talking to her about them.  And then, this winter, we had back to back illnesses, so I decided it was time.  Had I not waited so long, perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten sick, we shall never know, but I just had to find out just how great using essential oils could be for us.  My friend dropped off some lavender, Thieves oil, gentle baby, peace and calming, thyme samples with me.  I’ve heard such amazing things about thieves oil, so I was really excited to use it.  I was sold on it, and decided it was time to become a distributor.   There are many oils out there, and the price varies greatly between some of them.  I thought it would be a great starting point to talk about why I choose Young Living Essential Oils. Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils Young Living Essential Oils are pure.  There are plenty of oils out there that aren’t pure.  Many oils are created using chemical processes, so they are less effective and in some cases, can even be harmful.  The use of high heat or high pressure to derive oils can diminish and eliminate their quality making them less therapeutic.  The USDA does not regulate essential oils, so while a brand may say it is pure does not mean that they are, it is best to do your research before trying any brand of essential oils.  Young Living essential oils use processes to ensure that only the highest quality of oils are used.


Young Living Essential Oils own AND run all of their own farms.  There are no secrets, no third parties to work through.  Young Living is in charge of their own farms helping to ensure quality.


Anybody can visit Young Living’s farms.  While there, you can participate in the harvesting and distillation process.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  To really see how your oils are made?


Rigorous testing.  Each batch of Young Living Essential Oils are tested both in house and by a third party, meaning you will know that these oils are pure.


Seed to Seal guarantee.  Seed, cultivate, test, distill, seal.  Each step ensures the highest quality of oils so that you can be sure what you are using is therapeutic grade oils.


Large selection of oils.  Young Living Essential Oils carries a large blend of both single and blended oils.   These are some of the reasons why I chose Young Living Essential Oils.  I believe in the products and the company.   I have some informative, fun essential oils posts brewing and cannot wait to share them with you.   If you are ready to begin your essential oils journey, or just need to restock, Young Living Essential Oils are a wonderful, natural choice.  If you are interested in becoming a distributor, email me, or you can go to www.YoungLiving.org and sign up, using my distributor number as both sponsor and member ID which is 1658811.

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  • I’ve only dabbled a little bit with EO’s.
    I have tried eucalyptus, tea tree.
    I’m not very knowledgeable on this subject.

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