1 is not a magic number

1 is not a magic number

The mommy wars are always going on, and one of those things not everybody understands, is breastfeeding past the age of 12 months.  For us, it was pretty simple.  Nothing was magically going to change just because Maggie turned 1.  Okay, well, actually, she did get her first tooth on her birthday, so I guess something changed.  She was still my little girl, and still needed the same comfort and security that breastfeeding provides.  Although it has led to many questions and criticisms of when will we wean her, and how she will be going to school still breastfeeding, she will always be clingy, jealous of her brother, you know, the list goes on and on.

What actually happened?  I have a very well adjusted, independent, outgoing, very social little 29 month old who still likes to nurse sometimes.  More often than not, she loves to “help” Charlie nurse {interesting to say the least} or pat him while he nurses, kiss him while he nurses and talks about nursing a lot.

I love her understanding of it.  Example:  we were sitting at dinner one night.  Suddenly, she says, Elmo’s crying, gets up, gets Elmo, brings him to the table and says he wants to nurse.  Sits in her chair nursing her baby.  She even does the bounce thing to calm him down.  This stuff melts my heart every single day and I love that breastfeeding is such a normal thing for us.

I love that the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until the age of 2.  Having support of our decisions is always nice.  Not that we need it.

Charlie is 9 months, and he too will be nursing until he is ready to stop.  Yes, at some point, we will put limits on when he is able to nurse, just like Maggie, but really, she was 2 before that happened.

Nothing changes just because they have a birthday.  The emotional, health, and social benefits extended breastfeeding provide just make it more fun.  Personally, I love that my very busy child still takes the time to snuggle up with me.

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding past 12 months?  Have you breastfed a baby after their first birthday?

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