10 Ways We Use Thieves Oil

If you have ever heard of essential oils, than chances are you have heard of Thieves oil.  Probably because this stuff is amazing!  This is the number one oil we use daily in our home.  Known for its cleansing abilities, it is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.  We use it daily on our feet for all of us.

What is Thieves oil used for

Use in dishwasher or dishwater

Using a few drops of Thieves oil in your dishwasher or dishwater can clean dishes and eliminate odor.


I love being able to diffuse oils!  Thieves is great to help purify the air.   We diffuse this with Purification and orange whenever we have friends over to help fight any germs.

Clean your counters

By adding some Thieves oil to a spray bottle of water, you can spray it on counters, door hands, etc. for a natural cleaner.

Mop floors

Add some Thieves oil to your bucket of water to mop your floors.

Fight foot fungus

Apply a few drops of Thieves oil diluted with a carrier oil to help fight foot fungus and eliminate sink.

Freshen air in a hotel room

Apply a few drops of Thieves oil to a cotton ball and place near the vents to freshen the air.

Clean your carpets

Put a few drops in your carpet cleaner to clean and disinfect your carpets when you wash them.

Ease sore joints

Apply a few drops mixed with a carrier oil to sore joints and massage to ease join pain.

Repel insects on your plants

Add a few drops to a spray bottle and mix with water.  Spray on your plants and flowers to help repel insects.

Sore throat relief

Mix one drop with water and gargle for sore throat relief.

Thieves essential oil has so many uses and benefits.  You can purchase it as part of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit or separately.  Young Living also offers a variety of Thieves daily care products and cleaning products.  To get started with your order, visit this page.

What are your favorite uses for Thieves oil?

These statements have not been approved by the FDA.  This is not designed to give medical advice.  All thoughts and opinions are my own based on our experiences.  Please consult a licensed aroma therapist for instruction on using oils.  


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