2013 Breastfeeding goals #BFBlogHop

This post is part of the weekly breastfeeding blog hop, hosted by sisters in cloth, and co-hosted by Life as Wife, Mummy, and Nurse. This week’s topic is, “Breastfeeding Goals.”
Okay, I admit, it’s been awhile since I linked up with a breastfeeding post.  To be honest, I have just been busy and this wasn’t a priority, but I”m back!  If you know me, you know I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding and love to talk about it.  
What are my goals for this year?  Well, to continue nursing my Charlie boy and having it go as well as it is right now.  And, to continue to nurse Maggie when she asks.  You see, I was pretty sure she had weaned.  Weeks went by with no nursing from her, then suddenly, she wants to again, usually when she is overtired or not feeling well, so that’s fine by us.  
My other goal is to pump more often.  I was pumping a few times a day when Charlie was born.  Then, only at night.  Now, it’s been awhile since I pumped.  Little man doesn’t take a bottle, so I quit pumping, but now that he is 6 months old and starting foods here and there, I would love to be able to give him breastmilk in a cup whenever he eats food.  
I have loved nursing Charlie man just as much as I did with Maggie, and I hope that he finished out the year strong!   I have a feeling nursing him will be a challenge, he gets distracted extremely easy, so look for posts about that in the future!  
What are your breastfeeding goals for this year?   Be sure to read other mamas goals for the year and link up with us!  


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