#30things Day 5 Things that make me happy

What are 5 things that make me happy right now? 
1.  My kids.  Is this any surprise?  They are insanely awesome!
2.  We have a piano now.  Not in great shape, very out of tune, but we have one and I love it.  Now, to find time to play it.
3.  I have a really awesome family.  Both my family and John’s family have had babies lately and it’s awesome to see our families growing!
4.  Our house.  It’s usually half messy, but we live in the country, have a unique house and a big yard.  
5.  The Packers are in the playoffs.  Hopefully they win the Superbowl!
Can you think of 5 things that make you happy right now?  I could keep going.  I am just a pretty happy person. 


  • Okay first of all your kids are growing so fast and they are so precious! How does time fly that fast and secondly. Your house looks like a little country church! I love that!

    • Thank you – they are growing way too fast! The second time goes a hundred times faster than the first. I never thought of our house like that. It does though.

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