4 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is rapidly approaching.  I realized today that there were only 4 days left and I am still not done shopping.  I try to put a lot of thought into my gifts, but there are some people who really are hard to shop for, and now, I’m still looking for those few last minute gifts.  I like to think outside the box and make it extra fun, both for me and for the receiver of the gift.  Here are a few ideas to hopefully help you check off those last gifts on your list.

4 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Housecleaning services.  If that hard to buy for person is a new mom especially, I bet she will love this.  I know I did when I had the opportunity to review the house cleaning services from Homejoy.  Having just had a baby, as well as a 2 and 4 year old, I was so excited to have somebody come out and clean for me.  Getting {and keeping} everything picked up off of the floor until our cleaner, Cecilia, arrived was no easy task, but I was going to make it happen because I was looking forward to heading out with the kids for a few hours and coming home to a clean house without having to put in the effort it requires. I even had a handwritten thank you note on the counter when I got home.  Knowing that we could go out to dinner, come home and I don’t have to worry about sweeping or vacuuming was such a relief to this mama.


Dinner and a movie.  Give that hard to buy for person a night out with a gift card to their favorite restaurant and tickets to the movies.  Throw in some movie cash for popcorn and a drink and they are all set for a night on the town.


Magazine subscription.  Young or old, I’m willing to bet they have a hobby, craft or something else they are interested in.  Give them a gift subscription to their favorite magazine.  My sister is getting this for my 2 year old and I cannot wait.  He will love to get a magazine in the mail throughout the year.  This gift keeps on giving for the next year.


Charity gift card.  I just stumbled across this idea not all that long ago, and what a fun idea.  Some people have no use for more things, or just don’t want things.  They want to help others, so give them the gift to do that.  You pay for it and they choose who it goes to.


These are just a few of the fun ideas that allow you to think outside of the box while still scoring some last minute gifts that your friends and family will love.


What is on your wish list this year?  





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