4 Simple Changes to De-clutter Your Closet

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Call it nesting or maybe just that we are outgrowing our two bedroom house, but I am constantly trying to declutter and get rid of things we don’t use or need.  One area I have really been focusing on is our bedroom closet.  There are a few things we do to help keep our closet as clutter free as we can.  Here are our tips.

4 Simple Tips to De-Clutter Your ClosetTurn your hangers backwards.  Pick a start date, say the end of the year, your birthday, whatever it may be.  Turn all of the hangers backwards in your closet.  After you wear something, turn the hanger around.  If at the end of the year, or whatever period of time you choose, you haven’t worn an article of clothing and turned that hanger around, donate or sell it.  I keep a box in our laundry room for garage sale stuff for the sale we have every year.  I absolutely cannot do this, it goes against my OCD tendencies when it comes to certain things.  This would only stress me out every morning.

4 Simple Tips to De-Clutter Your ClosetWear your clothing in the order it is hanging.  If the hanger trick isn’t your thing, start at one side of your closet and wear the first thing hanging there.  If you like it, keep it.  If you don’t, donate or sell it.  The next day, wear the next shirt/dress, whatever it may be.  Same thing, keep it, donate or sell it.

Pack up your off season clothing.  Right now, I pretty much have everything packed away except my maternity clothing.  For most people, you just pack up your winter clothes during the summer, and summer clothes during the winter months.  As you are packing or unpacking for the next season, it is also a great time to pull out things you don’t wear to donate or sell.

4 Simple Tips to De-Clutter Your ClosetKeep clothing that is versatile and can change up the look of an outfit without changing your entire outfit.  Things like tank tops, or lightweight cardigans are perfect ways to wear one thing many ways.  I love this lace shoulder cardigan I received from Cable & Gauge.  I can wear it all year long, and it helps to dress up a simple tank top, or as a cover over a summer dress.  It’s the perfect piece for almost any occasion, from shorts and tank top, to dressy.  I have a few shirts like this in various styles and colors that I can toss on over my shirt or tank top.  The lace across the top of this shirt helps to dress it up a bit, but not so much that you can’t wear it as an every day shirt.  Cable & Gauge carries a ton of clothes that will make your wardrobe versatile so that one piece can help make up a bunch of outfits.  I love how I could wear this cardigan with 4 different outfits for a great look each time.

 Outfit #1Cable & Gauge

Outfit #2

Cable & Gauge

Outfit #3

Cable & Gauge

Outfit #4

Cable & GaugeWhile there are many more ways that you can de-clutter your closet, these are 4 very simple, yet effective ways to downsize your closet space while still being able to look as amazing as you want.

What tricks do you use to de-clutter your closet space?  Have you tried doing any of these things?

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