4th of July fun

We had a fun 4th of July weekend.  My little guy who just turned 2 the weekend before is such a daredevil.  He went tubing behind the boat with his big cousin Jason.  It was so cute.  I had no doubt he would end up on the tube at some point.  His expression kept changing from a big old grin, to a not so sure face and back again and again.

Jason and Charlie on the tube

He was really into fishing this weekend too.  Every time auntie Patty went down to the dock to go fishing, he was right there with her.  I absolutely love this picture.  It is so adorable { and I am obviously not biased at all}.

Charlie fishing

And this is how you actually ride a dump truck that isn’t really a riding toy.  Ha!

Charlie dump truck

Maggie doesn’t care about the actual fishing too much, but she loves to drive the boat and hold the fish.  Or, just play in the minnow bucket.Maggie with fishMaggie driving the boat

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