5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

*Disclosure:  I received complimentary product in exchange for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Having a baby is so exciting.  Your belly is growing and you are getting ready to meet your precious little one.  You head to the stores and fill out your baby shower registries.  You open the baby gifts one by one, oohing and ahhing over each one.  Then the baby gets there and so many of the things you were sure you needed just sit there, unopened in a corner.  End the cycle!  Make the next baby shower gift to your friends and family be something they will use over and over again.  Here are some great baby shower gift ideas that everybody else won’t be getting as well.

Wet bag – While I may or may not use a diaper bag, I ALWAYS take along our wet bag.  We use it for our cloth diapers, but even if you don’t go that route, it’s great for holding soiled clothes, wet swimsuits, or whatever else you toss in it.  I use a two pocket one and keep clean diapers in one pocket and dirty diapers in the other.  They are available in so many cute designs that you can find one to meet your style.

Hand Sanitizer – Babies and toddlers are cute.  And messy.  Having hand sanitizer handy by the changing table or just to keep next to baby for guests to quickly wash their hands before holding your little snuggle bug.

Coupon Book – I’m not talking about those $1.00 off of blah blah blah at the store.  I’m talking a homemade coupon book for the new mom.  You know, a coupon for a homemade meal delivered to the door, a coupon for cleaning the new moms house, or watching the kids while mom showers.  Or naps.  A coupon for groceries delivered.

Essential Oils – Put together a little gift pack of essential oils for the new mom and baby.  You can include some of my favorites – Gentle Baby, Lavender, Thieves, Stress Away.  There are so many fun ways you can do this.

Swaddle blankets – No doubt you will probably receive a ton of blankets for your baby shower.  By the end of the first year, most will probably get tossed away to donate or stuffed in a closet because they are too small for baby.  The new Captain SillyPants line of premium swaddle blankets are the perfect baby shower gift.  Since these blankets are big enough to swaddle your little squish, you and baby will find countless other things to use them for over the coming years.  From a nursing cover, sunshade, picnic blanket or for covering up your 2 year old, you will use this blanket for years.  You can preorder your Captain SillyPants swaddle blankets now from Eleventh Avenue for the incredible price of $18.99, almost half off of the original price of $34.99 but there are only a limited amount at this price so you will want to act now!

Swaddle Blankets

What are your favorite non-traditional baby shower gifts?  


  • These are such great gift ideas. Even if a mom doesn’t use cloth she can use the wet bag for disposables to help organize her bag.

    • I just thought of that as I was writing the post. Now I have to make up some fun printables for it and create a post about it. Hopefully before June so I can give it to my best friend when she has her baby.

  • I totally agree on getting the things you will only use. It’s no fun to have a ton of newborn clothes, and no other size, since they grow out of the newborn size so quickly!

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