5 Easy Ways to Stay Active During Pregnancy

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I know there are days during pregnancy where the thought of standing up seems like too much.  Getting a workout in is a daunting idea that just may make you want to cry, but once you get started, your body will thank you.  I’m having one of these days myself.  I want to close my eyes and sleep.  I’m exhausted.  There are a few things I try to do and remember to get me moving, at least a little bit each day.

Sara HaleyStay hydrated.  No brainer, right?  But seriously, start hitting the water from the get go in the morning and your body will thank you.


Workout Early.    Is it just me, or do you tend to make better choices throughout the day if you do something great for your body right away?  This has really been tough for me, and most of the time, not doable.  I am dizzy in the mornings and even standing up can be tricky some mornings, so I wait until the dizziness has died down.


Eat Healthy.  If you make smart food choices, your body will thank you, and you will have a better chance at having that energy to get your workout on.


Find a Workout You Love.  This pregnancy, I have enjoyed some prenatal yoga which really helped early on with my hip discomfort, and seemed to completely get rid of it.  I have also really loved the Sara Haley Expecting More DVD.  Instead of having to invest in a bunch of different DVD’s to keep my attention, Expecting More has 6 different workouts, along with a calendar to guide you on your workouts through each trimester.


The 6 different workouts are Synergy, Sweat Sport, Sweat Funk, Sweat Strong Down, Sweat Strong Up, and Salutations.  There is also a warm up and cool down as well.  Sweat sport is my favorite.  Made for the athlete in me, I love it.  Plus, the kids love to do these workouts right along side of me, so they don’t even interrupt my workouts.


The goal of Sara Haley’s Expecting More DVD is to keep you feeling sexy and strong, as well as help you bounce back to your pre-baby body.  I also love the reminders throughout and the modification.  Hearing, “Listen to your body” throughout your workouts reminds you that not only can you do it, but if your body says stop, you should listen.


I’ve been doing the 6 different workouts throughout my pregnancy.  While some days, getting up and doing it is really hard on me, I fell good that I got some activity in that didn’t just involve chasing a 2 and 3 year old around.  I like the workouts on this DVD and will probably continue with them as I recover from delivering this baby.

Sara HaleyIf you are pregnant and looking for a great way to stay active while still staying within your limits as your belly continues to grow, be sure to check out Expecting More.  You can pick up the DVD or a digital download of the DVD.  Also available on Amazon.com. For some fitness tips, q & a’s or more information from Sara, be sure to follow along on Facebook as well.

Happy workout!

How did you stay active during pregnancy?

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  • I got gestational diabetes, which forced me into extremely healthy behaviours for my last trimester. I found workout videos to be one of my favourite quick-but-effective go-tos after a day at work.

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