6 Non-Toy Gifts for 2 Year Olds

*Disclosure:  I received complimentary products for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*  

I have a pretty large family, and old or young, we still celebrate every single persons birthday.  You know how it goes though, if you are asked what you want for your birthday, you suddenly can’t think of a single thing that you would love to have.  Over a year ago, I had a brilliant idea to start a Google doc where we could all edit it throughout the year when we think of things.  The trouble I still find though, is that there really isn’t much my kids need.  At 2 years old, Charlie didn’t really tell me what he wanted either, but I wanted to get creative.  Let’s face it, our children don’t need every single toy out there, but people love to give fun gifts to kids.  Over time, I added some things to the kids’ birthday lists that were not toys.  I thought maybe you would all be interested in what some of those things are.

6 Non Toy Gift Ideas for Two Year OldsA magazine subscription  I love reading and love to encourage it in any way possible.  Having a magazine subscription to something they will love makes a great gift that they get over and over throughout the year.  This year, my sister is getting Charlie one for Christmas.  I don’t know what exactly, but I think she said it is baby animals and he will love it!

Art Supplies  We love to do art projects around here, which means we go through a decent amount of supplies.  Whether it is paint, glue, crayons, markers, etc..  There are so many choices and your kids will love them and be so excited for the next project!

Art Supplies

Stickers are another winner in the art category.  Charlie loves these stickers of his from I See Me!  He loves to tell me about the objects on them, and remind me that they are his.  Not only are these stickers adorable and personalized, but the different shapes are fun for the kids.

I See ME Personalized Stickers I See ME Personalized Stickers

Clothes  Okay, so this one is probably a given.  Kids need clothes, and each year, they will outgrow what they have and need more.  Maybe this isn’t the funnest gift idea, but it is practical and helpful.

Snacks  One of my family members usually includes a snack or juice of some sort as part of the kids’ presents.  They love it and when they eat or drink it, they tell me over and over that so and so gave it to them.  What a fun idea.

SnacksMuseum passes, zoo, etc.  There are so many fun activities to take kids to do, but often the cost gets overwhelming for the parents.  Giving the kids a museum pass or zoo pass or pool, whatever it may be, is a fun gift they will talk about for awhile.

Personalized Books  I love books, have I mentioned that?  But more than that, I love personalized books, and so do the kids!  Personalized birthday books make great gifts.  One of my favorite places to get personalized books is from I See Me!  We have a few different ones in our house and they are those books that never get put away and brought out at a later time.  We are constantly reading them and the kids just love that they focus on them.  For Charlie’s 2nd birthday, we got “Charlie’s Very Happy 2nd Birthday!” Book.  I love that it is personalized including a picture of him on the inside of the front cover.  It’s a fun, rhyming, easy to follow and get excited about book.  This isn’t our first book from I See Me!  You can check out my original review here.

I See MeI See MeI See MeI See Me

I See Me!  would love for you to follow along on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for upcoming deals and promotions, and to see the latest products.  Personalized gifts are also a great way to keep your child’s things from getting lost and not returned.  You can also choose from lunch boxes, stickers, growth charts, puzzles, and so much more!

Not only are these gifts that they can enjoy for quite awhile, but they are so much fun!

What are your favorite gift ideas for 2 year olds?


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